Days Of Our Lives Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (May 9 – 20, 2022)

Published on May 10, 2022.

Is there any hope for Sarah Horton and her condition? Will Ciara and Ben catch up to Devil Allie and get their baby back? Will Eli remember what TR did to him? Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans just love speculating on storylines! As such, below are some DOOL plotline predictions for May 9th to 20th, 2022.

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12. Sarah Gets The Proper Antidote

Looking at Days spoilers and the weekly preview, Xander will score the right antidote. It’s going to take some convincing on his part for Maggie to allow her daughter to be injected, yet again. And considering everything that’s happened, it’s no wonder she’ll be skeptical about administering another drug into her daughter’s body. With that said, Maggie will agree to it this week, and Kayla will inject Sarah with the right antidote.

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11. “Xarah” Reunion

This is the moment “Xarah” fans have been waiting for, month after month. Sarah will be injected with the antidote and return to her normal self, almost immediately. She’ll remember Xander, and the two will finally be back together. It’s been a long time coming, but what will happen next with this super couple?

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10. Will Xander Become Obsessed?

Given what Sarah has been through, it’ll be natural for Xandy to be protective of her. But could he become obsessed? Days spoilers for the week of May 16th note that Xander will do all he can to protect Sarah’s recovery. If he develops an unhealthy obsession, this could end up causing cracks in their reunion.

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9. The Hunt For Baby Bo

Now that Ben has found Ciara, and both know the truth about Devil Allie, the hunt for baby Bo will begin! Sounds like “Cin” will have a ton of obstacles in their way, as Satan uses his magic powers to trip the parents up along the way. With Ciara just giving birth, she may need to stay back and recover from labor, while Ben leads the brigade to find his son.

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8. Devil Allie’s Creepy Ritual…

According to DOOL spoilers for this week, Devil Allie has a ritual in mind for baby Bo, so viewers should expect something weird and creepy on the horizon. This is Satan, after all. It’s unlikely that Devil Allie will go through with the ritual, as the baby will likely be saved before she can get too far into the ceremony.

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7. Baby Bo’s Guardian Angel

Baby Bo will be saved in the nick of time by Salem’s heroes, led by Ben. However, will Weston also have a guardian angel who not only helps the good guys find Bo but also trips up Devil Allie? With the recent announcement that actor Peter Reckell (Bo Brady) will be reprising his role for Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem, wouldn’t it be interesting if Bo returned as the baby’s guardian angel to help save (or protect) the child from evil?

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6. Cryptic Tripp Spoiler

DOOL spoilers for the week of May 16th state that Tripp will “nearly” sacrifice himself to save Allie. Added teasers reveal that he may be okay in the end, but a price will be paid for what he’s done. What does this mean? Will he get possessed by the Devil next? Is there a target on his back because of this save? Will Satan try to curse him and his love life, forever?

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5. Allie’s Exorcism

Exorcisms are becoming the new normal in Salem, and since the Devil loves to secretly jump in and out of bodies these days, it sounds like Marlena, John and Eric may keep the ceremony small this time around. When Allie is saved, she’ll be stunned and horrified about everything that’s transpired. It’ll be hard enough to face what she’s done, without also taking into consideration how the dynamics have changed between her, Tripp, Chanel and Johnny.

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4. Ciara And Ben’s Goodbye

Actress Victoria Konefal is taking a break from Days soon, so fans shouldn’t be overly surprised if Ciara and Ben exit after the baby has been saved. While they will likely return at some point, they may decide to head out of town to bond with the baby, or maybe go visit Hope with the little one in tow. Either way, there’s a good chance “Cin” will bid Salem adieu over the next two weeks.

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3. Eli Remembers!

This week’s Days preview video and spoilers hint that Eli will remember TR’s role in his shooting and tell Lani about it. As she reels over what her husband tells her about the man she began to allow into her life, Coates will wreak havoc (and show his true colors) at Paulina’s house. Abe will drop by, ready to confront him, and TR will hit him over the head with a pan.

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2. Lani Saves The Day

As Abe is lying on the floor in a pool of blood, Lani will burst into Paulina’s house, see what’s going on, and point a gun at TR. A shot will go off, and Days spoilers for the week of May 16th indicate that Lani will shoot Coates. She’ll save the day for Paulina, but Carver may struggle, considering the blow he’s taken to the head.

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1. Abe’s Health Is Touch-And-Go

Abe will be touch-and-go for the next two weeks. The injury he’s suffered at the hands of Coates will be a tough one for him to overcome. Of course, Paulina and Lani will both feel awful about the circumstance he’s in. They’ll blame themselves. Even after all the lies Paulina told, Abe was there to try and be her hero. Lani will feel even worse for allowing her lying bio dad near her twins and her life. Coates may be her biological father, but Carver’s been her “real” dad all along.

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