Days Of Our Lives Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (November 30 – December 11, 2020)

Published on December 1, 2020.

Will Jake dump Kate now that Gabi is in the picture? What will happen with Joey Johnson if Ava reveals herself? Will Xander and Sarah get closer to uncovering what Philip is really up to? So many questions, so few answers! Below are some Days of Our Lives (DOOL) plotline predictions for November 30 to December 11, 2020.

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12. The Jake, Kate, and Gabi Love Triangle

Now that Gabi is back, will Jake break up with Kate? Probably not. There’s way too much drama involved to allow for an easy Jake-Kate breakup and Jake-Gabi reunion. Gabi will overreact to what she’s stumbled upon, and go public with Jake and Kate’s couple status. This will not only infuriate Kate and Jake, but it will also unleash a ton of drama between these three, and others within the DiMera mansion (looking at you, Chad and Abigail).

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11. Steve and Kayla

There has been a ton of tension between Kayla and Steve these past weeks thanks to the Allie-Tripp saga; however, there is still more conflict to come. Steve and Kayla will continue to argue about Tripp’s innocence, and when Kayla asks that Steve kick Tripp out, fans should expect Johnson to hit the roof. But both will also be in for something unexpected as the week of December 7th approaches.

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10. Ava Reveals Herself

Not only will Ava reunite with Tripp this week, but DOOL spoilers also hint that she’ll do the same where Kayla and Steve are concerned. In fact, it seems as if she’ll be “staying” at Steve and Kayla’s place for a little bit. So why has Ava been in hiding from Salem, and how will she be able to convince all three to keep hush-hush? Perhaps Joey Johnson holds the key to all this.

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9. Joey Johnson Returns

Steve and Kayla will visit their son the week of December 7th, after they find out that Ava is alive. Could Ava strike up a deal where Joey can be released if she doesn’t face jail charges herself? Could Steve and Kayla visit Joey to let him know the end of his sentence is near? Will he be out before Christmas?

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8. The Xander/Philip Feud Continues

Xander and Sarah will remain relentless when it comes to bringing Philip down. Xander will visit Kristen this week to ask her about her visit with “Ms. Van De Camp” (a.k.a. Ava), but will Kristen spill all? She probably won’t. She not a major fan of his, especially after the baby switch, and she’ll remain loyal to Vitali.

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7. Sarah Gets Cozy With Philip

After a one-on-one with Philip, Sarah will tell Xander they need to break up. After all, Kiriakis might spill the beans to her if she can try to seduce him, plus he may even pursue her if he knows it’ll get under Xander’s skin. But will Philip get a little closer to Sarah, or will he be on to her “plan?”

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6. The Chloe Factor

On top of all this, Philip’s ex Chloe Lane is set to return to Salem this coming week, and Kiriakis’ eyes could wonder. He’s always had a thing for Chloe, so can Sarah swoon him enough to not only spill the beans around what he’s been up to, but also keep him away from Chloe? These two may gravitate towards each other.

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5. The Brady Factor

Chloe won’t only have reunion scenes with Philip, but also another ex in the form of Brady Black. These two were trying to hook back up before Stefan DiMera got in the way and Chloe left town. With Kristen locked up in prison, will Brady catch some old feelings for his ex-wife? Anything is possible in the land of Salem!

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4. Charlie’s World

Charlie is sweet, and a bit naïve, but does any other fan out there feel like there is more to his story? He’ll catch a tinge of jealousy in the coming days when he notices just how close Ben and Claire are, but could this cause him to reveal a darker side? What is Charlie really up to, and is he as “nice” as he seems?

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3. Charlie’s Confession

DOOL spoilers hint that not only will Charlie feel as if he’s stuck in the middle between the Xandy-Philip feud, but he’ll also confess something to Xander in the coming weeks. Does he tell Xander something about himself or something he’s seen Philip up to around the office? Could Charlie stumble across evidence that could bring down Kiriakis? Does he reveal it to Xander?

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2. Allie Will Be Scheming

Allie will reveal her inner Sami the next couple of weeks, concocting a scheme that is sure to bring Tripp down. DOOL spoilers hint that Nicole will be taken aback by news Allie reveals, so she may not have an ally in Walker when it comes to plotting. She may have one in Kate though, as added teasers imply that she’ll turn to good old grams for some advice on the next steps. If anyone can help Allie pull off a plan, it’ll be Roberts.

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1. Are The Babies Coming?

DOOL spoilers suggest that Lani will let Eli take part in an “important” moment, despite their recent differences. Could the twins’ arrival be on the horizon over the next couple of weeks? Twins come early (in general), so audiences may be introduced to two new (and sweet) little characters sooner rather than later! Could the arrival of the twin soften Lani’s heart towards Eli?

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