Days Of Our Lives Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (October 19 – 30, 2020)

Published on October 20, 2020.

Salem is set for a power outage this week, as the little town experiences a blackout. With convicts returning and drama set to reach a fever pitch, what kind of chaos will erupt? Time to speculate! As such, below are some DOOL plotline predictions for October 19 to October 30, 2020.

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13. Clyde and Orpheus’ Deal

DOOL spoilers tease an alliance between Orpheus and Clyde this coming week, as the convicts can escape Stateville during the power outage. It seems as if Orpheus has his sights set on Marlena helping him get Evan out of Bayview. But with what Evan did to Clyde’s daughter Jordan, will he really be on board for the assist?

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12. Dr. Rolf Fails

Meanwhile, Dr. Rolf will also be one of the convicts that escape from Statesville. He’ll have some bad intentions when he heads over to the DiMera mansion and pays a visit to Chad. DOOL spoilers reveal that someone will save Chad before any harm is done. Could Jake be Chad’s hero, thus changing his mind about his half-brother, or perhaps Gwen runs in for the save?

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11. The Old Switcheroo

It’s hard to believe that Clyde would help Orpheus with his plan, so maybe he’ll back out at the last minute. DOOL spoilers for the week of October 26th relay that not only will Marlena desperately try to get Evan out of Bayview, but it also seems as if Kayla will be kidnapped by Rolf. Could Orpheus switch Rolf for Clyde as a partner? Could Rolf be holding Kayla until Evan is released?

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10. Rolf’s New Science Project

DOOL spoilers for the week of October 26th imply that not only will Dr. Rolf have Marlena, but he’ll reveal a terrifying new science project. Dr. Rolf is infamous for placing memory chips in other people’s brains, and bringing people back to life! Could Rolf still have Stefano’s memory chip? Could he decide to plant it in Kayla? Could it be the first time a “male” memory chip could be implanted into a “female”? Could the results be irreversible?

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9. Clyde’s Desperate

Across town, Clyde will be desperate to help his son Ben let go of the plan he has for Vincent. To what extremes will Clyde go to ensure he his son doesn’t cross a line? The last thing Clyde wants is for Ben to land in jail again. Could he take matters into his own hands when it comes to Vincent? This would save Ben from jail time, but still ensure the plan goes through for Ben’s sake.

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8. Henry Is Gone

DOOL spoilers hint that Clyde will convince Allie to let him into her apartment. Added teasers reveal that Nicole and Allie will be panicked when they realize Henry is gone. It may seem as if Clyde is at the helm of this all, but could someone else be behind Henry’s kidnapping?

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7. Charlie Is After Allie?

Titan’s new intern Charlie has become quite close to Claire. He seems a little too good to be true; however, DOOL spoilers imply that he’ll begin to show everyone what he’s really about, and very soon. Could he be the one who assaulted Allie in Europe? Could he be Henry’s bio dad and not Tripp?

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6. Charlie Has The Baby

What if … Charlie is behind Henry’s kidnapping? DOOL spoilers reveal that Kate will run into a creepy ex next week. As she once dated Clyde, the two could have a confrontation. But, what if the entire incident acts as an alibi for Clyde? If Henry were kidnapped around the same time that Kate ran into Clyde, it could prove he wasn’t behind it, and he doesn’t have the baby.

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5. Ava Emerges … Right Before Halloween

DOOL spoilers hint that someone sinister is set to return to Salem right before Halloween hits. Could this be Ava? Actress Tamara Braun has already started filming again, so her return some weeks away is very possible! She’ll have Tripp on the brain, and she’s sure to zero in on seeing her son.

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4. Eli Tells One More Lie

Across town, DOOL spoilers tease that Eli will be on edge in the coming days, and he’ll also be adding another fib to his long list of lies. What could he be up to now? This has to be connected to Kristen somehow. Could he keep Lani from talking or visiting DiMera, making up an excuse of sorts to keep the two BFFs from talking so that Kristen doesn’t slip and tell Lani his role in everything?

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3. Philip and Sarah

As Philip conspires against Xander in the corporate world, could he also have something in the plan to snag Sarah? Xander will be very upset when he sees his girlfriend chatting it up with his foe this coming week. Could Philip add a new layer to his plan that includes getting the girl, too?

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2. Hope’s Goodbye

Actress Kristian Alfonso taped her final scene on Days, and it appeared last week on the show as she ended her run in Salem by breaking down at the loss of her daughter. DOOL spoilers indicate Jennifer and Jack will find a letter from Hope late the week of October 26th. This is probably a note that will explain that she is left the little town and why, which will perfectly wrap up Hope’s exit on the show.

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1. Gwen Faces More Accusations

DOOL spoilers indicate that Jake will accuse his ex of something this week in an attempt to protect Abigail. Meanwhile, Chad will start to have some suspicions around what she’s up to next week. Why is Gwen so bent on ruining Abby? Could she be Peter Blake’s daughter? Long-time fans will recall that Peter and Jennifer had a thing back in the day until Jack split them up. Peter is also Stefano’s adopted son, which would link Gwen to the family, and why she is so obsessed with ruining Chabby, and Abigail in particular.

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