Days Of Our Lives Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (September 7 – 18, 2020)

Published on September 8, 2020.

The next two weeks in the land of Salem shall prove to be explosive, and there’s nothing Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans love more than trying to predict what will happen next! Will Ciara be rescued? What will Abigail have to say when she is finally reunited with her family? Will John be okay? Below are some DOOL plotline predictions for September 7 to September 18, 2020.

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12. The Search For Ciara Goes Awry

The search for Ciara will continue the week of September 7th; however, there does seem like bad news is on the horizon. DOOL spoilers are suggesting that Ciara will try to escape, and Ben will pinpoint her location at the Salem Airport, but an explosive blast could shatter everyone’s hopes around her safe return. Seems like she and Vincent could enter a plane, only for it to explode. Most will believe both have passed on.

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11. Ciara Exit

Actress Victoria Konefal (Ciara) is on her way out, so it seems as if Ciara’s exit will take place this week, but the silver lining is if her plane does explode that does leave a window for her return. It may also leave an opportunity for the character to be recast (although most fans love Konefal in the role).

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10. Ben’s In Denial

Ben won’t be able to accept what has happened to Ciara, as DOOL spoilers for the week of September 14th suggest that he’ll believe there is hope to still bring her home. Expect a dream sequence that week involving him and Ciara. Ben will be in denial for the next little while.

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9. Judge’s Decision

Across town, DOOL spoilers indicate that judge will finally come to a decision as it relates to Allie’s baby boy. There is a very good chance that Sami will get custody, or a plot twist is on the horizon around Allie’s return. Perhaps the baby’s father shows up to lay claim to the child. Regardless, Nicole and Eric will not be awarded custody.

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8. Eric’s Exit 

The week of September 14th will offer up something life-changing for Eric. He may be presented with a work opportunity outside of Salem, as it seems Nicole will be jolted by what happens next. These two could be on thin ice, and as actor Greg Vaughan is set to depart the show soon, Eric may be bidding adieu to Salem (and Nicole) for a while.

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7. John Not Himself

John will wake up the week of September 14; however, he won’t be his normal self. With patches of missing pieces to his life (still), he may come out of this coma not remembering Marlena, but be in a period where his family and friends have no idea about. The next few weeks will be a struggle for Jarlena that’s for sure.

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6. Chad Confesses

The good news is that it seems as if Chad will confess to Abigail about his “kiss” with Gwen this coming week. She’ll be upset, and this could be the start of some cracks in their relationship. With Gwen around, it seems as if there will be major drama for Chabby moving forward.

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5. Jake Warns Abigail About Gwen

DOOL spoilers state that Jake and Abby will meet this coming week. In fact, Jake will offer up a warning to Abigail. Seems as if he’ll give her a heads up about Gwen, and just how toxic she can be. Could Jake and Abigail form a bond of sorts? He can see through Gwen, and Abigail may be able to as well.

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4. Chemistry Between Jake and Abby?

Will sparks fly between Jake and Abigail? Abby had a negative history with Stefan, so she may be wary of Jake, but we all know he is nothing like his brother. He’s a good guy with good intentions. With that said, he’s also funny, sweet, and handsome. Could Abby start to catch some feelings? She’ll be very resistant to any kind of friendship at first, which will make things interesting between these two.

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3. Tripp Reveals His Mom May Be Alive

DOOL spoilers indicate that Tripp will reveal to Steve why he’s returned to Salem. With the major news recently that actress Tamara Braun is set to come back to Days, could Tripp’s return signal Ava’s revival? While yes, she’s passed on, this is the land of soaps … anyone can come back to life under any circumstance!

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2. Kristen Is Arrested

Sadly, DOOL spoilers are hinting that Kristen will be arrested the week of September 14th, and she will probably get caught for being in Salem and pinned for Victor’s stabbing. Will Eli be the one to bring her in? Will he catch wind from Lani that DiMera is in town and nab her, or will Lani be the one forced to turn in her best friend. After all, she’s a police officer, and aiding and abetting isn’t a good look for a cop. She’s got two kids to think about now, and the last thing she wants to do is lose her job. Eli may also pressure Lani to choose a side.

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1. Brady Begs Victor For Help

The week of September 14th will also see Brady turning to Victor for help. Will he beg his grandfather to help Kristen out of this mess? Kiriakis might be able to pull some strings to get Kristen off. While Brady and Kristen will fight in the coming weeks, it’ll most likely be around DiMera risking her freedom to follow Brady to Salem. Black loves Kristen and loves their little family, so he won’t mind begging Victor for help to get Kristen out of this mess one bit.

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