Days Of Our Lives: Plotline Predictions For Winter 2020

Published on December 18, 2019.

Once the holidays pass, sometimes the winter season can be a real drag! Unless you live in the land of Salem! With suspense at every corner, a romance or two popping up here and there, not to mention all the corporate chaos and other drama, Days of Our Lives (DOOL) should prove to be very interesting in the next few months. It’s hard not to speculate on what will happen next, so below are some DOOL plotline predictions for winter 2020:

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12. Stefano Gets Spotted As “Steve”!

It’s only a matter of time before Stefano DiMera gets spotted looking like Steve Johnson, and of course, no one will suspect that it’s really DiMera; they’ll naturally think he is there long-lost friend “Patch.” This will cause DiMera to have to parade around as Steve in order to keep his scheming (and Princess Gina) under wraps.

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11. Pursuing Two Women

Stefan has his eye on Marlena, the woman he’s always been fascinated with; however, to keep up his “Steve” façade, he’ll also pursue Kayla too. DiMera has always enjoyed stirring it up in Salem, and loves bringing the Bradys down. Therefore, it makes sense he’d want to ruin Justin and Kayla’s relationship by messing with Kay’s head.

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10. How Will Kate Fit In?

Kate has always had a soft spot in her heart for Stefano DiMera, and working undercover as a waitress to get information for him proves just how much she still loves him, and the lengths she’ll go for his approval! Could Kate be added to the list of ladies he’s going to juggle this winter season? Most likely … DiMera has always enjoyed her company as well.

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9. New Character Alert?

There’s been a ton of online speculation about actress Emily O’Brien (former Jana Fisher on Young and the Restless) joining the Days cast and soon. O’Brien was spotted in a photo from the DOOL 54th Anniversary shindig where cast and crew gathered for the snapshot; however, Emily isn’t currently onscreen and nothing has been announced about her potentially joining the cast. What role will she play on the soap when she does enter the Salem scene?

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8. Princess Gina’s Daughter?

If O’Brien is in a DOOL cast and crew photo, this very well could mean that producers are keeping her character under wraps until she’s set to hit daytime screens, which could be months away, as Days tapes about six months ahead of time. noted that as O’Brien does have an English accent and looks a lot like Hope Brady/Princess Gina, so there is a chance she could be recast as Greta Von Amberg, Gina’s daughter.

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7. Gabi Better Watch Out

On to the other side of town, DOOL spoilers indicate that Lani is making plans to head back to Salem, and is ready to regain her life back! Seems like revenge will be on the brain, and with Kristen DiMera’s help, Lani just might have (most of) her life back by the time spring 2020 hits. The real question is though, will she even want Eli back at this point?

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6. Baby Switch

Speaking of Kristen, how long before she learns that her baby is really alive and being taken care of by Eric and Sarah? While there have been Days’ spoilers out there teasing of a baby switch storyline, many online fans have also been speculating that perhaps Baby Mickey isn’t Sarah and Eric’s child; rather, the little one is Brady and Kristen’s baby.

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5. Xander At The Helm

It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that perhaps Xander was at the helm of the baby switch. After all, something of this nature is right up his alley, and he’d be looking to do all he can to get back at Kristen. More than that, he was looking forward to building a little family with Sarah, and without that baby, this plan would be shattered.

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4. Prison Mates Released

Let’s face it, Ben and Will won’t rot in jail forever, and perhaps they will finally get their taste of freedom in the new year. Clyde is bound to admit the truth to someone, and while Will is clearly guilty for his role in Adrienne’s demise, with DOOL spoilers indicating she was in a car accident, maybe his jail stint won’t be that much longer. Regardless, they’ll head back to the little town where Cin may have to continue to hide their relationship, and Horton will have to deal with watching Sonny with Evan. 

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3. Goodbye J.J.

The good news is that J.J. will approach his parents in the coming weeks to let them know about his addiction issue. The bad news? Rehab may be a reason for him to head out of town. Seems like all arrows are pointing to a J.J. exit in the coming weeks, so here’s hoping that at some point in 2020 he returns.

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2. Shawn Returns … With Claire!

One character set to come back to Salem in the winter is Shawn-Douglas Brady, with a return date set for some time in February. Could he have an update on Claire … or better yet, bring her back to the little town to get settled? Maybe his daughter has gotten the help she needs and is ready to move back into Salem, and move forward with her life. After all, she’ll need her family and loved ones to help her pick up the pieces she left behind. But, will she really be reformed?

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1. A Valentine’s To Remember

Valentine’s Day 2020 will be one to remember in the land of Salem. Does this mean a wedding may be on the horizon? Sounds just about right! Could it be Justin and Kayla? Perhaps once Ben gets released he realizes how much time he and Ciara have wasted and they tie the knot? Then, there’s always Sonny and Evan who could head down that aisle … after all, WilSon are getting a divorce! Only time will tell!

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