Days Of Our Lives Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (July 20 – July 31, 2020)

Published on July 20, 2020.

As July winds down to a close, the drama will continue to heat up in the land of Salem! Will Ciara and Ben make it down the aisle? Will Claire do something to stop it all? How will Jake react to everything knowing he’s a DiMera after all? It’s hard not to wonder what will happen next! Below are some Days of Our Lives (DOOL) plotline predictions for July 20 to July 31, 2020.

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13. Ben and Ciara’s Wedding

While a lot will go down before the Cin wedding, it seems as if the real drama will unravel after Ciara and Ben officially become husband and wife. A medical scare will tease that these two won’t make it down the aisle, but somewhere between the couple’s ceremony and reception, DOOL spoilers hint some chaos erupting.

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12. Claire’s To Blame?

DOOL spoilers for the week of July 20 seem to imply that Claire may be the one to blame around the chaos. From Belle realizing that her daughter has told her a lie, to Rafe grilling Claire about something that happened at the church (after the Cin wedding), arrows are suggesting that Claire could be up to something, or being framed for something.

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11. Ciara’s Instincts Kick In

With that said, DOOL spoilers for the week of July 27th state that Ciara and Claire will team up, and uncover something that takes them aback. While arrows may be pointing to the fact that Claire may have done something to jeopardize the Cin wedding, Ciara’s instincts could kick in where she realizes Claire is innocent, and the two will come together to not only prove that she isn’t guilty but help out Ben too.

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10. Has Ben Been Kidnapped?

According to DOOL spoilers, Ben will be kidnapped shortly after he and Ciara get hitched. Something major goes down after their wedding, but teasers for the week of July 27th hint that he has a captor. He’ll find out exactly who that is as the days go by, and they will ultimately reveal their dastardly plan. Who could be trying to keep Ciara and Ben apart?

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9. Ben’s Dream Acts As Premonition

Rewinding a bit, DOOL spoilers state that Ben has a dream (right before his wedding to Ciara) that unsettles him, and it involves his sister. Could Jordan try to warn Ben about something major going down from beyond the grave? Perhaps Ben’s dream will act as some sort of premonition before everything goes down?

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8. Eve’s Behind It All

DOOL summer spoilers have stated that actress Kassie DePaiva will reprise her Eve Donovan role in the coming weeks. Could Eve be behind the missing ring and damaged dress? Could she be the one that kidnaps Ben after his wedding, all in the name of revenge against what he did to her daughter many years ago? She’s never liked Ben, and she’s been set on getting back at him ever since he returned to Salem. There’s a good chance she has a terrible plan up her sleeve.

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7. Fire In The Church?

Whatever goes down at the wedding, it may not only affect Ben (and Ciara) but others in Salem too. DOOL spoilers around the Cin event state that Xander will do something heroic that will impress Sarah, while Lani and Allie will worry about their babies. Claire is infamous for setting fires in the past, so does a fire erupt after the Cin wedding? Could Lani and Allie be worried about smoke inhalation? Could Xander’s heroics include sacrificing his health to ensure the most vulnerable get out of the church safely (the women expecting, helping Sarah, potentially risking his life for Victor)? Does everyone escape the building (but Ben), which is where Eve comes in, taking Ben while no one is watching and holding him captive, perhaps?

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6. WilSon’s Good News

In the next week, it seems as if Rafe will decline Allie’s adoption offer, which opens a door for WilSon to do so. DOOL spoilers state that Will and Sonny are set to proceed with adoption plans and even let Ari know what they are up to. They wouldn’t move forward with telling a child about a potential brother and sister if they didn’t have a baby in mind, so it seems as if Allie could very well decide to hand her child over to her half-brother.  

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5. Allie Goes Into Labor

DOOL spoilers hint that Allie will have some health issues after the Cin wedding, as Lucas and Sami will head to the hospital on Friday, July 24th to be by Allie’s side. No teasers around harm to the baby, but come the next week, it seems as if Allie will give birth, and Salem will welcome a new (cute and sweet) member into the fold.

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4. Sami/Nicole Tension Rises

Last week’s cake fight may have been the tip of the iceberg for Nicole and Sami as these two frenemies rekindle their rivalry in Salem. Allie has taken a liking to her mother’s foe, and when it is time for her baby to arrive the week of July 27th, Nicole will help with the delivery, leaving Sami upset. This will only cause tensions to rise even more between these two. 

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3. Gabi and Jake

Despite him not being Stefan, Gabi and Jake will get a little closer this coming week, further adding fuel to the Gabi/Gwen/Jake love triangle fire. Will he reach out because he feels sorry for her? Or is it because he has some feelings for Gabi that he can’t explain, and can’t let go of? Either way, Gabi and Jake’s bond will only complicate things, moving forward.

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2. Gwen Has Sights Set On DiMera Fortune

While Gabi and Jake do get closer, as she’ll even be his date to the Cin wedding, he and Gwen aren’t over, not by a long shot. The week of July 27th will see the two move into the DiMera mansion, as it seems that Gwen is that much more smitten with her ex, especially now that he has a little inheritance to fall back on.

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1. Gabi Has Sights Set On DiMera

While Gwen sees dollar signs, Gabi may see opportunity. Jake isn’t Stefan; however, he still is a DiMera, and Hernandez got quite comfy in that CEO spot. She not only loves the job, but she loves the money and the power that running DiMera Enterprises brings. Gabi will eventually fall for Jake, but she may realize that cutting Jake off won’t help her achieve any of her corporate goals. She may also realize the value of befriending him, and how she can get back at Chad by doing so.

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