Days Of Our Lives: Spoilers For April 2022

Published on March 31, 2022.

Time to say goodbye to March and hello to April in the land of Salem! What should Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans expect to see unfold during the next four weeks or so? The Devil will continue his wrath, while Belle is in for a stunner. Also, something unexpected lies ahead for Sarah! Learn about these storylines and others in the below DOOL spoilers for April 2022.

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12. Devilish Plans 

DOOL spoilers imply that the Devil is not going anywhere, anytime soon. This means Devil Johnny will likely continue his wrath well into April. With that said, Easter does take place in April, and as it is a major holiday for Christians, could this foreshadow an end date for Satan? Doesn’t seem likely.

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11. Johnny’s “Horrified”

DOOL spoilers for April note that Johnny will be “horrified” when he realizes what he’s done. Will he have this realization while Satan has possessed him or does this mean that the Devil has taken over someone else in the little town? He and Allie are (literally) at each other’s throats lately. Will “Johnny” cross a line against his twin sister?

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10. Where’s Allie?

DOOL spoilers also indicate that Allie will go missing in April. Could the Devil possess the generally sweet and caring Ms. Horton? Added teasers imply that Nicole and Chanel will be caught off guard when they can’t find her. Where has Allie gone and what will the Devil do to her… or make her do?

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9. Belle’s Stunner

DOOL spoilers for next month reveal that Belle will find out about Jan Spears and her baby bump. Not only will Ms. Spears announce she’s expecting, but she’ll also make it crystal clear that the child she’s carrying is Shawn’s. How will this affect “Shelle” in April? Could this be what does the super couple in, for good?

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8. Sarah’s Storyline Takes An Unexpected Turn

DOOL spoilers suggest that Sarah Horton’s condition will take an unexpected turn. As she now thinks she’s Renée DuMonde, could Sarah start to remember a time when she was… well, Sarah (and not Renée?) Then again, there’s always the possibility that she’ll start to believe she’s someone else. If it’s the latter, could Gwen be behind it all?

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7. Anna’s World

Anna has been slightly on edge since Sarah’s return, and who can blame her? It’s got to be frustrating to have a woman after your man! With that said, DOOL spoilers state that Anna will take a stand and try to convince Tony to re-think how he’s handling the Sarah situation. After all, he’s not doing the young lady any good by playing along. Will Mr. DiMera note the error of his ways and step back from the entire thing?

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6. An Alliance Is Formed…

DOOL spoilers for April tease that an alliance could form between Ava and Jake. Or is there something more to all of this? They’ll cross paths during “moving day”, as both gather their belongings from the Hernandez household. But during this encounter, it seems like they could strike up a deal.

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5. Gabi’s Upset

Added Days spoilers for the month also note that Gabi will be outraged when she stumbles upon Ava in Jake’s bed. Is Vitali there on her own or will Hernandez find the two in a compromising position? Is this a set-up or will Jake and Ava get caught up in their own emotions? Is “Jabi” a thing of the past? Could “Java” become the newest (and hottest) super couple to hit Salem?

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4. TR’s Going Down

Days spoilers for April suggest that Eli’s friends and family will come together to uncover TR’s destructive past. Sounds like Abe, Lani and Rafe will rally to see what Coates did, and what he’s up to now. Paulina will likely land in the mix, too. Will Eli be okay when all is said and done, though? He also holds the key to bringing TR down.

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3. EJ Tries To Keep The Past In The Past

Across town, Days spoilers for April hint that EJ will do all he can to keep his past secrets hidden. This likely has to do with Orpheus and Clyde, as DiMera recently promised to stay hush-hush about Mr. Weston’s role in his shooting. But how far will EJ go to keep the past in the past?

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2. Time To Hit The Road…

DOOL spoilers for next month indicate that EJ will demand that Clyde leaves Salem immediately. As Mr. Weston is awaiting the arrival of his grandchild, will he be willing to do that? He desperately wants to start a fresh chapter in Salem with Ciara and Ben, but does Clyde have it in him to walk on a straight path? Only time will tell.

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1. Roman’s Upset

Clyde’s only just become a free man, but he’ll already be facing issues by the time April hits. DOOL spoilers note that Roman will give Weston a chance and hire him on as an employee for Brady’s Pub. Sadly, something will go awry, and Clyde will be to blame. Is Weston being set up, or will he try and dupe Roman? Either way, Mr. Brady will be quite upset.

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