Days Of Our Lives: Spoilers For August 2020

Published on July 28, 2020.

Calling all Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! Summer is far from over in the land of Salem! As we say goodbye to July, some incredible drama awaits around the corner in August! Two actors will gear up for an exit; a slew of characters will return; two exes will reconnect; and some newlyweds will get unexpected news. Learn about these storylines and others in the DOOL spoiler for August 2020.

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12. Goodbye WilSon!

The news broke back in February that Will and Sonny would be leaving Salem, as actors Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith were essentially fired (although it was worded that they were “let out of their contracts”) from the soap opera. Smith took to Instagram recently to reveal the final airdates for the super couple, and their very last one will be September 1st, meaning a big bulk of WilSon’s exit storyline will take place this coming month.

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11. Happily Ever After?

DOOL spoilers indicate that at some point soon, Will betrays Sonny. Does he hear what Sami did (influencing Rafe’s adoption decision around Allie’s child) and keep hush-hush about it? If that happens, could fans be seeing WilSon exit Salem separately? Or do they adopt Allie’s baby and leave the little town so that they can raise the child without Sami’s influence?

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10. Sami Stews

Speaking of, Sami won’t be too pleased in early August. DOOL spoilers relay that Sami will turn to Belle and confide to her about some anger she has directed at Nicole. According to Days teasers, Sami will feel as if Nicole has placed a wedge between Allie and her. Seems as if a lot will go down this week, adding fuel to the fire between Walker and Brady.

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9. A Bitter War On The Horizon

Cryptic August spoilers may add some insight to what might be. DOOL teasers state that a schemer might meet their match and that a bitter battle could bring them both down. Could this be about Sami and Nicole? The two have rehashed a lot lately, and with Nicole getting closer to Allie, momma bear Sami may do everything it takes to bring her down. Both ladies stand to lose a lot.

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8. Li Shin Returns

DOOL spoilers indicate that actor Remington Hoffman will reprise his Li Shin role, returning to Salem in early August. While he only appeared in a couple of episodes in April of this year, does Shin have more DiMera Enterprise business to conduct in the little town, or will his return signify a news storyline around something else?

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7. Gwen Spies

Speaking of DiMera, the mansion will be a flurry of activity in the coming weeks with Chad, Gabi, Gwen, and Jake all living under the same roof. DOOL spoilers hint that Chad will ask Gwen to spy on Gabi for him. Seems like Gwen and Chad are getting a little too close for comfort, considering he is a married man!

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6. Chloe Lane Returns?

DOOL spoilers for early August indicate that Chloe will offer up some information about Ben’s captor. Does this mean that she’s returning to DOOL earlier than anticipated? It was reported back in early March that actress Nadia Bjorlin was set to reprise her DOOL role, but a return date was not anticipated until the early fall. With that said, Chloe could offer up information via the phone, email, etc. without making an appearance, so fans will have to wait and see!

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5. Clock Ticking

More cryptic DOOL spoilers for August, as a teaser for the show also indicates that one “captured” Salemite has a grim fate in store for them, while some unlikely allies gear up and save the day. Could this one be talking about Ben? Could Claire and Ciara come together and end up saving him sometime in August?

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4. Eve Returns

DOOL spoilers indicate that actress Kassie DePaiva is set to reprise her Eve Donovan role in late July or early August, so she could be returning to Salem either this week or sometime this coming month. Fans wouldn’t be overly shocked if it were revealed that she was Ben’s captor; she’s wanted revenge on him for a long while now.

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3. Elani’s World

DOOL spoilers for August reveal that Elani will get some unexpected news regarding Lani’s condition. Added teasers relay some “big changes” for a newlywed couple in Salem. Could Elani be expecting twins? Or is there some dire news on the horizon for the super couple in terms of their unborn child?

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2. Philip Kiriakis’ Comeback

There’s an airdate around Philip Kiriakis’ August return! Actor Jay Kenneth Johnson will make a splashing comeback next month, and fans who are looking forward to all this should set their PVRs for Tuesday, August 18th. What kind of trouble can Philip cause? Xander should watch his back! Philip may be eyeing up that Titan CEO job.

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1. Xander & Sarah

Before Philip heads back to Salem, seems as if Sarah and Xander will officially reunite. While his involvement with the baby switch and all the hurt that came along with it was awful, Sarah has a soft spot in her heart for Xander, and it seems as if he’ll get another chance with her. DOOL spoilers tease that these two will reconnect in early August, and Xander better not mess this up.

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