Days Of Our Lives: Spoilers For Christmas 2019

Published on December 10, 2019. Updated December 15, 2019

The holiday season is in full swing! Lights are shinnying bright, Salem is decked out in festive cheer, and residents are busy shopping for the perfect present for that special someone. Christmas is just around the corner, and as much as people will be celebrating, they’ll also be dealing with some massive drama. Learn about what’s in store for Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans in some weeks by checking out the DOOL spoilers for this year’s holiday week.

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12. Lani and Kristen Head Back

According to DOOL spoilers, in the coming week, Kristen and Lani will lock heads and come to the conclusion that they should head back to Salem, and restart their lives in the little town. There is a very good chance that both women could decide to return to Salem right before the holidays hit.

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11. Eli Learns The Truth

If Lani plans on returning to Salem, she may just decide to spill the beans around what Gabi has been up to, and why she really called off their wedding. DOOL spoilers hint that the holiday season won’t be as merry and bright for some in Salem. Could Gabi have a blue, blue, Christmas this year (all alone)? Here’s hoping!

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10. Xander’s Holidays

Speaking of being blue, DOOL spoilers have suggested that Sarah and Eric will head out of town and soon, so they won’t be spending Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Salem. As they will soon find out that Baby Mickey has cancer, the parents make a huge decision that will see them leave town before the holidays. No return date has been provided as of yet for these two. This will leave Xander all alone during what should be a time for loved ones. His instant family will be gone … for now. He’ll undeniably be sad this holiday season.

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9. Stefano’s Surprise

Getting back to Kristen and Lani, could Kristen decide to visit her dad when she returns to Salem? DOOL spoilers tease that DiMera will receive a surprise visitor just days before Christmas. Could Kristen find out where her father is and pop in to say “hi”? Or, will Brady Black be the first person she decides to see?

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8. New Character Alert?

Speaking of, perhaps Stefano’s surprise visitor is a new character (old friend, or extend DiMera family member). Young and the Restless alum actress Emily O’Brien (former Jana Hawkes) was recently a part of a DOOL cast photo, and many picked up on the fact that she was there, but yet to be seen on daytime screens. Could Days fans be privy to a new character during the holidays this year?

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7. Kiriakis Christmas

Aside from Xander’s loneliness, there just might be some awkwardness at the Kiriakis dinner table this Christmas. Xander already has his suspicions when it comes to Ciara, and it seems as if they will spread to grandad Victor in the coming weeks, just days before the holidays hit. This might not be good for Ciara.

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6. Horton Gathering

Maybe Ciara can head to the other sides of her blended family for some festive cheer. After all, she has the Brady family, plus the Hortons to turn to if things get weird at the Kiriakis Christmas table. As fans expect every year, the Horton family will come together to trim the tree, and it’ll be nice to see current characters enjoy the ornament holiday tradition, as they remember family members from Christmas’ past.

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5. Holidays In The Slammer

Things don’t look too good for Will, Ben or Eve at this point. Seems as if they will most likely be breaking Christmas bread together in jail. Unless Ciara can come up with a holiday miracle to get Ben out of the slammer, or Abby can find out what really happened to Jenn, they’ll most likely still be in jail come December 25th, all the way up to New Year’s Eve.

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4. Jarlena In Trouble

While DOOL spoilers suggest that “Hope” will contemplate leaving town this week, it doesn’t look like Princess Gina will go through with that plan after all. DOOL teasers down the road seem to indicate that she’ll continue to be a thorn in Jarlena’s side, right up until Christmas. Will it be a romantic turkey dinner for three that night?

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3. 2019 Ends With A Bang!

DOOL spoilers reveal that this year will end with a bang in Salem! A pop of a champagne bottle or perhaps something more dire? Days is famous for their New Year’s Eve cliffhangers, so fans should expect the unexpected at this point! This could very well could be implying that a favorite character will get shot when the clock hits midnight, or something else …

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2. Could Princess Gina Lose It?

There are several people that could fall victim to a gun, or even be the shooter. “Hope” has had thoughts about getting rid of both Jennifer and Abby recently, so if Jennifer gets her memory back, either lady could be in trouble. Princess Gina will not hesitate to do anything she can to keep her secret hidden. Gina is a possibility, but Xander, Victor, and Stefano alike are all threats as shooters, too. They are men without a conscience willing to do anything to accomplish their goals.

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1. Time Jump Back

Then the “bang” spoiler hint could have to do with the time jump. Could Days fans jump further in time within the 2021 year (Salem has moved 12 months forward), or move back and hit the same time schedule viewers are in right now? That would certainly be a New Year’s Eve cliffhanger for fans to remember. Viewers will have to stay tuned!

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