Days Of Our Lives: Spoilers For December 2019

Published on November 26, 2019. Updated December 3, 2019

It’s the last month of 2019, and there promises to be a flurry of activity in the land of Days of Our Lives (DOOL)! Two parents will experience some growing pains with their child; some bad blood will re-ignite between exes; and the holidays will end the month with a bang! Learn about these storylines and others in the below DOOL spoilers for December 2019.

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12. Bad Blood Bubbles Up

DOOL spoilers for the month of December promise some bad blood between Nicole and Xander. Seems as if Walker will be throwing around accusations when it comes to her ex, and Xander will not approve of what she is saying. These two have never really been on the same page, but this month, it seems as if they’ll turn into full-fledged rivals.

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11. Prison Issues

DOOL spoilers for the month reveal that Will might have a hard time early on in December. It seems as if he’ll stand up to Clyde around an issue that pops in prison; however, while Will may have good intentions, Weston will want to make an example of him, and he could lash out on Horton for overstepping his boundaries.

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10. Ben For The Save

DOOL spoilers seem to be teasing a huge confrontation between Will and Clyde, with Weston potentially trying to hurt Horton. Good thing for Will he does have an alliance of sorts with Ben, and it seems as if his cellmate will jump in (and to his defense) before any major harm is done to Will. But, does this mean that Ben could be a target for Clyde now?

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9. A War Is Declared

Yikes! But the good news is, it’s a corporate one, so hopefully no major harm will be done. Days spoilers indicate that Gabi won’t sit by and watch Chabby try to take DiMera Enterprises from her, she’ll decide to launch a full-out war, and soon! While she’s gotten away with the Elani break up, the real question is whether or not she can go toe-to-toe with Salem’s finest super couple? Only time will tell!

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8. Lani Spots Someone

Speaking of, while Lani has been hiding under her convent rock for “months” now, DOOL spoilers suggest that she’ll have an encounter with someone she knows from Salem. Could it be Eli? Perhaps, Gabi? Abigail, maybe? No other information has been provided from Days teasers, but it should make for a very interesting scene.

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7. Kate’s New Job

Kate’s new job will have Salem buzzing in early December! DOOL spoilers hint that some residents will be curious about what she actually will be doing while there are others that will be concerned about what her agenda is. Either way, Kare is sure to make her own mark with this new position and keep people talking.

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6. Growing Pains

DOOL spoilers tease that a child who was once as sweet as pie will prove to have grown into a royal pain in the coming weeks ahead. Could it be Ari? With her mom once in jail, and her dad now in jail, if this kid isn’t in therapy currently, expect her to be there real soon! She’s had to deal with a lot while growing up, and with a year under her belt, she may be lashing out soon.

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5. Sonny and Evan

DOOL spoilers indicate that Sonny and Evan will get a little closer in December. With Will out of the picture and Sonny really wanting to move on, it seems he may decide to try and give love a chance with someone else. Nothing can complicate a relationship more than a love triangle, which is where this storyline seems to be headed.

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4. Eric’s Condition

With the news about Baby Mickey’s true paternity out in the open, DOOL spoilers reveal that Eric will approach Sarah about shared custody. After all, he’s already lost so much time with the child, so he is sure to want to make up for it moving forward! With that said, there is a condition around shared custody and co-parenting, and all arrows seem to be pointing to Eric telling Sarah he wants Xander out of the picture where his daughter is considered moving forward.

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3. Ciara Works Harder To Uncover The Truth

DOOL spoilers suggest that Ciara will be working harder than ever this December to ensure she finds out the truth around Jordan’s passing. She desperately wants Ben released, and soon. Teasers hint that her next move is breaking into Xander’s metal box to find out what he is hiding! Will she be successful in this? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

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2. Ho-Ho-Holiday Season!

DOOL spoilers reveal that this holiday season won’t be as bright and merry as it usually is, so expect some residents of Salem to be a bit grinchy this year. Sonny (and Justin) could be missing Adrienne while J.J. may still be mourning the loss of Haley. It’s the first December without their loved ones, so it may be a hard one. Plus, Steve could also be sad that he’s without Kayla (and vice versa).

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1. New Year’s Eve

DOOL spoilers seem to be promising some major drama on the last day of 2019, with hints around New Year’s starting off with bang! Does this mean someone could get shot? Should fans gear up for a huge comeback like last year when Jack returned to the little town? Either way, it is bound to be very interesting as New Year’s Eve festivities usually are in Salem!

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