Days Of Our Lives: Spoilers For December 2022

Published on December 1, 2022.

Calling all Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! What’s set to unfold in the land of Salem over the next month? There will be some ho-ho-ho-liday fun, as well as precious last moments with Victor. Plus, is this the beginning of the end for Marlena, Kate and Kayla? Learn more about these storylines and others in the below DOOL spoilers for December 2022.

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12. Rocking Around The (Horton’s) Christmas Tree

Who doesn’t love the annual tree-trimming festivities at the Horton house? It’s not only an opportunity for family members to gather and celebrate each other, but also a time to reflect upon those who are missed. DOOL’s fall preview video shares some insight, and it seems that this year’s party will have some special visitors.

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11. Eli Returns

The DOOL preview video shows Eli and Julie together, as she exclaims that she’s so “thrilled” to have him there. Not only will actor Lamon Archey reprise his fan-favorite role, but Eli and Lani’s twins will also return for a little Horton holiday tree-trimming fun! How long will Mr. Grant stay in Salem? It’s hard to say at this point.

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10. Final Precious Moments With Victor

Victor Kiriakis was known for his evil schemes back in the day, but he grew a softer heart once he shacked up with Maggie. Sadly, the actor who played this legendary soap opera role, John Aniston, passed away in November. Mr. Aniston worked on the soap up until his passing, and the DOOL preview video shows him cracking a one-liner to Leo during holiday festivities at the Kiriakis mansion.

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9. Memorial Show Honoring Kiriakis 

There’s sure to be some sort of memorial episode for Victor and Aniston, but since the daytime drama films about six months ahead, it’ll likely take place sometime in 2023. The silver lining of Mr. Aniston working on DOOL all the way up to his passing is that fans will get to enjoy some final moments with Kiriakis on the show. Fame10 will keep viewers updated on any potential memorial episodes for Victor on the horizon.

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8. Will Leo And Sonny Cross A Line?

The DOOL preview video shows that when Will stumbles upon Leo and a shirt-less Sonny, he’ll be visibly upset. Added teasers for December suggest that Stark will create a ton of issues for the couple, but what could he do now? Could Will find out that these two are becoming friends and get mad, or will he find them in a compromising position?

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7. Gabi And Li’s Wedding

Across town, the DOOL preview video shows Li and Gabi at the altar, but will they go through with the wedding? As their ceremony is scheduled for New Year’s Eve, there’s a good chance that fans will see wedding preparations and “day-of” events take place later in December. Sometimes a “day” in Salem can last a week, so fans shouldn’t be shocked if Li and Gabi’s wedding carries on until January 2023.

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6. “Mom’s Last Christmas”

The DOOL winter preview reveals that Kate, Marlena and Kayla haven’t seen their last bout of that illness, since all three women will get sick again. As the winter preview extends from December to February, it’s hard to say when this storyline will unfold. However, during the video, Belle exclaims at one point that this is “Mom’s last Christmas”, so there’s a good chance that this storyline will start during the holidays.

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5. The Orchid Is Stolen

One major revelation during the DOOL winter preview is that Kristen notices the orchid is gone. It sounds like it gets stolen, which not only means dire consequences for Marlena, Kate and Kayla, but her blackmailed relationship with Brady, too! Will the three women be okay? Can anyone save them in time?

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4. Things Look Bleak, But…

The DOOL winter preview reveals that Kate Roberts will pass away, and hints that the same fate will befall Kayla and Marlena. With that said, the video also implies that since this is DOOL, there’s always “hope”. The three women are dressed in white during one scene, seemingly in a cloud-like setting. So, how will the soap bring them back to life?

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3. The Holidays Get Explosive!

One interesting, yet short, scene during the DOOL winter preview is an explosion that takes place in a building close to Horton Square. It’ll happen around the holidays, since Brady and Eric are surrounded by festive lights and Christmas trees when they spot the flames. What will cause the explosion, and will anyone get hurt?

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2. Love Is In The Air!

The DOOL winter preview ends with some festive lip-locking between some popular super couples. Sarah and Xandy will be dressed up in Santa outfits as they kiss and canoodle, while Will and Sonny also share some kisses. So, despite these duos having issues during the holidays, it looks like they’ll manage to overcome them. Lastly, Chloe and Stefan will also get hot and heavy this holiday season, as will Alex and Stephanie!

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1. Some Unexpected Kisses 

An unexpected couple who is shown together during the DOOL winter preview final montage is Wendy and Johnny, who will share a kiss near a Christmas tree. It also seems that Jada and Rafe will be all dolled up and enjoying a date, as they look dreamily at each other during fireworks. Lastly, the video ends with EJ and Nicole… in bedtogether.

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