Days Of Our Lives: Spoilers For Fall 2020

Published on September 15, 2020.

As the weather gets a little cooler, the leaves start to change color, and pumpkin spice everything pops out of nowhere! Who doesn’t love the fall? The land of Days of Our Lives (DOOL) certainly becomes a more interesting place too, as characters exit, some return, and the drama heats up! Learn about some of the interesting things that are set to pop up in Salem over the next couple of months with the below DOOL spoilers for fall 2020.

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12. October’s “Mini-Storyline”

DOOL’s head writer, Ron Carlivati, recently relayed that DOOL has plans to insert a mini-story line in October. It’ll revolve around an incident that extends seven to eight days in Salem. Carlivati states it’s to get episodes “back on track” and the storyline was not there originally. What could this be all about?

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11. JJ Returns

JJ Deveraux is set to return this fall, as actor Casey Moss reprises his role. While his exact return date is unknown, a DOOL fall preview indicates he will come back sometime in the next couple of months, and that he’s in the little town for an extended visit. It’ll be nice to have the entire Deveraux family reunited.

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10. What’s Gwen Up To?

Gwen is certainly up to something no good, and Days fans can see that she’s only befriending Abigail out of deception. She’s clearly the one behind Abby’s drugging, but why? DOOL fall spoilers relay that a clear reason behind all this will soon emerge. It’ll suggest why Gwen is desperate to become a part of the DiMera family.

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9. Ava Returns

DOOL spoilers reveal that Ava Vitali is set to return, as actress Tamara Braun reprises the role. Why will she come back? Well, for Tripp, of course! Added teasers relay that Ava won’t be completely “evil;” however, her comeback will affect Kayla and Steve. Could this mean that Joe will be off the hook for his sentence, and he could come back too?

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8. Jarlena Struggles

John has awoken from his coma, but fans shouldn’t expect this to be Jarlena’s “happily ever after.” The aftermath of the type of condition he’s suffered will include changes in personality and mood swings. In the coming weeks, fans will see John lash out people; however, this is only the beginning. Days fall spoilers warn his outbursts will have major consequences for the couple soon.

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7. Sami Says, “See You Soon,” Salem!

DOOL spoilers indicate that Sami Brady will leave Salem in the next couple of weeks; however, this isn’t the last fans will see of her. Actress Alison Sweeney signed a long-term contract with the soap opera that will have fans seeing her back in the little town sooner than anticipated, and for a much longer stint.

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6. Justin and Bonnie

On to some fun fall spoilers, Days promises a light-romance between Bonnie and Justin in the coming months, as he helps her with her book. She’ll start to like Kiriakis, but the real question will be whether or not he can reciprocate feelings for her back? Especially with what she did to Adrienne in the past.

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5. Goodbye Hope!

Actress Kristian Alfonso has already relayed on a social media post that she is not returning to DOOL, as the soap opera just recently resumed production earlier this month. As pre-lockdown taped shows will air through to mid-October, there’s a good chance that Hope will exit Salem sometime around then.

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4. Rafe Returns

While Rafe recently left the little town abruptly, along with sister Gabi, it seems as if things have changed. Actor Galen Gering was asked to come back to the show, and as quickly as Rafe exited DOOL, he may be coming returning just as fast. Expect to see him pop back up into storylines closer to November of this year.

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3. Kristen, Brady, Elani … and Christian?

Kristen will be arrested this week, thanks to Eli, and it seems as if she’s headed back to prison soon. Sadly, the actions Lani may take to help out her BFF will place a wedge between her marriage to Eli. It’s already affecting it. In other related teasers, a Days fall preview video also reveals that Christian Maddox (Orpheus’ son) will return and get wrapped up in all of this somehow, as he is shown along with Kristen in one clip.

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2. Sarah’s Caught In The Middle

DOOL spoilers hint that Sarah will feel as if she’s caught in the middle this fall, as Xander tries to get Philip out of that Titan co-CEO seat. She may not like the idea of him scheming. After all, look what his plotting did to her. The idea that he has a “plan” to get Philip out of the way may leave a bad taste in her mouth.

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1. Reunited, And It Feels So Good!

Speaking of, DOOL’s fall preview video shows Chloe and Philip reunited. This means there is a good chance fans will see Chloe Lane return to the land of Salem for a bit longer than she did this past summer. Here’s hoping Chloe, and actress Nadia Bjorlin, are here to stay for good.

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