Days Of Our Lives: Spoilers For Fall 2021

Published on September 15, 2021.

Who doesn’t love “sweater weather” in Salem? As Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans gear up for shorter days, leaves changing color, everything pumpkin-spiced, and Halloween, the drama will also continue to heat up. What’s about to unfold for EJ, Nicole, Chad, Abby, Doug, Julie, John and Marlena? Check out the below DOOL spoilers for fall 2021.

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12. Allie Cools Down

DOOL spoilers for the fall promise that Allie will “cool” her jets when it comes to her jealousy over Johnny dating Chanel. She’ll stand by Tripp and their relationship, as the two try to move forward. Meanwhile, added teasers note that her twin Johnny will feel like he has something to prove. He’ll work overtime to ensure his new gal pal knows he isn’t the player he once was.

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11. Johnny’s Movie

Days spoilers suggest that Johnny will continue to move his film project along. Added teasers hint that Abigail will get involved in it all, too. Sounds like Abby’s nephew will believe she should star in the movie. She will ponder the idea, but there’s a good chance that Chad will have concerns. Could this be yet another obstacle Chad and Abby needs to get through in the coming months?

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10. EJ’s Not Happy

Speaking of DiMeras, DOOL spoilers for the fall reveal that Johnny’s dad will stand firm against his son’s flick. EJ will try to stop Johnny from continuing this “pipe dream” of his. As the weeks and months progress, dad will do all he can to get Johnny interested in DiMera Enterprises.

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9. Issues For John and Marlena

Days fall spoilers imply some issues for John and Marlena. Sounds like there’s a good chance the two will help fund the project for Evans’s grandson. With that said, there’s word that Johnny will conduct some research into Marlena’s past. Her affair with John will surface this week; however, things won’t stop there. Sounds like there’s a good chance that Marlena’s past possession storyline will resurface. Added teasers state that an unexpected threat could also jeopardize the couple’s relationship.

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8. The “Possession” Preview

Could something evil resurface in Salem, while Johnny is researching Marlena’s past? DOOL just released a “Possession” preview video that seems to indicate this could happen. Will Evans be the victim once again, or could someone else suffer the wrath that almost ruined Doc? The video has a very “Halloween-ish” feel to it, so fans might have to sit tight until October to find out more.

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7. Love Square

Back to EJ, DOOL spoilers suggest an interesting “love square” that will emerge in the fall. Added teasers state that something will form between EJ, Nicole, Rafe and Ava. As Nicole tries to stay away from Hernandez, in the hopes that he and Ava can work things out, EJ and Walker will grow closer. They once had an interesting connection; can they rekindle that romance in 2021?

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6. Love Is In The Air

Some feel-good fall DOOL spoilers, as there will be some other interesting romances that deepen over the next few months. Added spoilers note that Jake and Gabi will get closer, as they scheme to take over Titan. Meanwhile, fans should watch for Xandy and Gwen to bond even more as well.

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5. Philip Forms An Alliance

Days spoilers suggest an interesting alliance, come the fall. Philip will continue to be suspicious of Gabi, and he’ll recruit Ava for some help. As Vitali isn’t overly fond of Rafe’s sister, she’ll happily oblige to help Kiriakis bring Gabi (and Jake) down. Will Philip and Ava form more than a “business” alliance? Only time will tell!

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4. Paulina’s Guilt

Across town, Days fall spoilers state that Paulina will struggle with guilt over the coming weeks and months. She’ll hate lying to Lani, but she will also acknowledge that dropping this truth bomb would flip her bio-daughter’s world upside down. Will she come clean? Sounds like this storyline will continue to get complicated.

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3. The Abe Factor

Paulina won’t only worry about Lani, but Abe, too. DOOL spoilers indicate that these two getting engaged will only further enhance Paulina’s anxiety around this secret. She’ll not only struggle with guilt around keeping this from her daughter, but her fiancé, too especially off the cusp of the last secret that she kept, and how she promised to be honest with them moving forward.

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2. Doug’s Decline

Doug has suffered from a mental decline lately, and many characters and fans have been concerned about his wellbeing. DOOL spoilers note that while the situation will be worrisome at times, Williams will be diagnosed with dementia very soon. Viewers will see first-hand how this condition can affect patients, their partners, family, and loved ones.

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1. Ben’s Baby Momma Drama

Lastly, it sounds like Ciara won’t let this “baby” idea fade. DOOL spoilers for fall suggest that Ms. Weston will be eager to grow their little family, and Ben’s hesitation won’t fizzle. He’ll be concerned about passing on his “dangerous” DNA to a child; however, Ciara will work tirelessly to ease his fears around this. Will she succeed?

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