Days Of Our Lives: Spoilers For January 2021

Published on January 5, 2021.

Calling all Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! What’s on tap for the month of January? Secrets will come to the surface while new and old faces will pop up in the land of Salem! Also, romance will be in the air! Learn about these storylines and others in the DOOL spoilers for January 2021.

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12. The Truth Comes Out About Charlie

DOOL spoilers for the month of January indicate that it won’t take long for Steve and John to realize that Ava does have another son. The other key piece to all this is that Allie will continue therapy sessions with Marlena, and during hypnosis, she’ll identify Charlie as her assaulter. In all of this, it’ll feel as if all the heroes in this story are playing “beat the clock” to nab Charlie, as he and Claire decide to take their relationship to the next step.

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11. Claire and Charlie

Claire and Charlie will decide to hit the sheets in early January; however, Days spoilers suggest that Ben will be able to stop his friend before she makes a grave mistake. The good news is that it seems he’ll be successful in all of this. Could this be the start of a Ben and Claire romance?

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10. Rafe On The Job

Somehow, Rafe will be privy to the information about Charlie. DOOL spoilers indicate that he’ll be notified about what is going down and head to the young man’s apartment for a search. What he finds in early January will take him aback. Added teasers imply that he will help to rescue Ava from a dire situation. There’s a good chance Rafe will put two-and-two together about him trying to drug up Vitali.

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9. Kayla Helps Ava

As January strolls along, while Ava will be rescued by Rafe, DOOL spoilers hint that it’ll be Kayla that “soothes” Vitali when she wakes up and realizes what has happened. Meanwhile, Charlie and Rafe will have a major confrontation, and Allie will finally come face-to-face with the man who sexually assaulted her in London.

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8. Charlie Lands Behind Bars

Days spoilers state that Charlie will end up in jail by mid-January, most likely because of kidnapping and torturing his mom, but there’s a good chance that Allie’s charges could stick, too. This is a soap opera after all, and although they couldn’t do it with Tripp, Rafe might find a loophole! In related teasers, Claire will be devastated by the news, and during a conversation with her “boyfriend,” she’ll beg him to claim all these allegations as false. In other news, Tripp and Charlie will also have a major confrontation.

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7. Sami Returns!

Her arrival is right around the corner, and while she was supposed to come back during the holidays (she technically did via video chat), her long-term run with the soap should occur sometime in January. Prior timelines dictated that Alison Sweeney was set to swing back into Salem by the end of 2020. Her 2021 storyline is being teased as an “emotional” one.

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6. Linda Dano Joins Days!

Soap opera legend Linda Dano, best known for her roles as Felecia Gallant on Another World and Gretel Rae Cummings on One Life to Live, is on her way to Salem! Dano is set to join the cast soon, filling the shoes of actress Louise Sorel as Vivian Alamain. What will bring Viv back to Days? Only time will tell!

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5. New Face For Jack … For Now …

As the pandemic continues to place restrictions worldwide, the land of soaps is no exception to this rule, and many other daytime dramas have temporarily recast roles to create more intense scenes now that “social distancing” is an issue. As such, General Hospital’s Jon Lindstrom (Kevin/Ryan) will temporarily fill in for actor Matthew Ashford (Jack Deveraux) shortly. As Cady McClain’s real-life hubby, having Jon in the role will allow for “closer” scenes between Jack and Jenn as they enjoy their current “reunion.”

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4. Jack, Jenn, and Abby Swap Stories 

Speaking of Jack Deveraux, DOOL spoilers reveal that he will swap stories about Gwen with Jenn and Abby. Seems as if their ability to compare notes and have a good discussion on Gwen may allow the crew to get down to the bottom of why she’s so determined to ruin their family.

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3. Chad Tries and Fails

Chad will try with all his might to keep the truth about his one-night stand with Gwen under wraps; however, DOOL spoilers do indicate that the truth will come out in mid-January, all thanks to Gwen. She’ll have zero issues “filling” Abby in on the night she shared with her husband. In added teasers, during a conversation with Kate, Gwen drops some hints as to who she is, and what she is really up to.

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2. Elani and Their Twins

DOOL spoilers reveal that Eli and Lani’s twins will go missing in early January. Bonnie will be able to offer some help with the investigation, as she’ll recall seeing a woman with two babies, and a sketch of the kidnapper will be created. Added teasers indicate that both Valerie and Lani will be able to recognize who the person in the sketch is.

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1. Jackée Harry Joins Days

Days spoilers indicate that actress Jackée Harry, from 227 fame, will join the soap opera sometime in January. She’s linked to the twins kidnapping storyline, and added teasers seem to hint she’s also a family member. While it may feel as if she’s a “bad guy” at first, there’s a good chance she ends up being a heroine when all is said and done.

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