Days Of Our Lives: Spoilers For June 2020

Published on May 26, 2020.

A new month in Salem is right around the corner! As the weather continues to warm up, the drama will continue to heat up on Days of Our Lives (DOOL). What should soap opera fans expect in June? A number of major characters will return; someone will get kidnapped; and four couples will deal with wedding planning shenanigans (and struggles). Learn about these storylines and more in the DOOL spoilers for June 2020.

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12. Four Weddings, And Some Drama

It’ll be all about walking down that aisle in June, as four DOOL couples start to organize their summer weddings! With that said, there will be plenty of drama that unravels for all four of them when it comes to their relationships and “I do’s,” as they separately struggle in their own right to make it to their special days.

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11. Lani’s Nervous

DOOL spoilers indicate that Eli will propose to Lani this coming week, and she’ll say yes. The couple will get some added unexpected news when they find out they are expecting some days later. While Elani will try to set a wedding date and prepare for the big event, Eli will be elated, while Lani will have mixed emotions about the entire thing.

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10. Justin and Kayla

While Steve will finally realize he wants to be with Kayla this week, according to DOOL spoilers, Justin will beat Johnson to the punch and propose to Kayla. The month of June will have fans watching friends Marlena and John encourage Steve to tell his Sweetness how he feels so that she can make her own decision on who she wants to be with. With that said, by the time Steve gets around to doing this, Justin will pop the question.

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9. Cin’s Wedding Drama

DOOL spoilers imply that Ciara will want to get hitched as soon as possible, while Ben will want nothing more than to buy her a ring before they say their “I dos.” He has a little money from his work at Jake’s garage; however, Ben will also be pulled into drama and trouble from his employer, which will cause the couple some stress.

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8. Eric and Nicole

Onto the final DOOL engaged couple, Eric and Nicole have waited an awfully long time to be together, and have had their fair share of ups and downs over the years! While many fans are excited at the very thought of the two walking down that aisle, it seems that a returning character (with a new face) will place a damper on their relationship.

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7. Allie Horton Returns

While there is no information on who will be playing her, Allie Horton is set for a comeback to Salem, and she’ll turn her Uncle Eric’s life upside down! She’s an adult now, and it seems the apple hasn’t fallen too far from the tree. DOOL spoilers are heavily hinting she’ll be a lot like her mom Sami.

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6. Shelle Returns

Speaking of comebacks, actress Martha Madison (Belle Black) and actor Brandon Beemer (Shawn-Douglas Brady) will arrive back on Days in early June. Last time they were in Salem, it was to place daughter Claire in Bayview after all her terrible deeds were revealed. This time around, they’ll be bringing Claire back to the little town, but not without a little bit of drama along the way.

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5. Claire’s Plight

Along with Madison and Beemer, actress Olivia Rose Keegan will be returning in early June, as Claire gets released from Bayview. While Shelle want their daughter to come to Hong Kong with them, Claire Bear has other plans, and she’ll insist on staying in the little town. As per DOOL spoilers, it is agreed upon that she will live with Marlena long-term; however, Belle and Shawn will stick around in Salem for a bit to get her settled.

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4. Custody Battle

While it’s clear that Zoey has been up to no good as of late, she does have a son of her own to worry about. With that said, DOOL spoilers tease that Rafe will still have to battle Zoey in early June for custody of David. In fact, teasers imply that Hope will even go to bat for her ex during the hearing.

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3. Gabi’s Not Giving Up

Back to Gabi, DOOL spoilers indicate that she will not give up on Jake, as she continues to believe he is in fact her hubby, Stefan DiMera. Sadly, it seems Gaby will get tangled into the mess Jake is in right now, and the sketchy goons he is linked to. Will things get way out of hand? Seems so.

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2. Gabi’s Kidnapped

DOOL spoilers for early June tease that Gabi will be kidnapped. Jake will turn to Ciara and Ben to relay the news, so he may also be looking for help to find her. In other related spoilers, Jake will finally be honest with Ben about all that is going on.

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1. Chad Returns

DOOL spoilers have made it crystal clear: actress Kate Mansi (Abigail DiMera) is out (for now), but little has been said about the status around actor Billy Flynn’s character (Chad DiMera). While Chad did accompany his wife to a Florida facility for treatment, Days teasers do imply that he will return sometime in June for Gabi’s trial. He wants to ensure she gets put away! So, while Hernandez will be kidnapped in early June, there is a good chance she’ll be rescued later on in the month … just in time for her trial!

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