Days Of Our Lives: Spoilers For June 2021

Published on May 26, 2021.

A new month means new romances, new adventures and new drama! What’s on tap in the land of Salem over the next four weeks? Kate tries to keep a secret, while Tripp might be onto Dr. Snyder. Also, a major character returns to Salem! Learn about these storylines and others in the below Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for June 2021.

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12. Kate’s Secret

The good news is that Kate is about to wake up from her coma any day now. The bad news is, she’ll end up being blind. Could this be true? DOOL spoilers for early June indicate that Kate will hope that Dr. Snyder will “keep her secret”. Could her eyesight be fine? Is this an attempt for her to get back at Jake and Gabi?

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11. Could Tripp Be Onto Dr. Snyder?

Snyder isn’t the most ethical doctor in Salem right now. He’s got Gwen running drugs all around town, plus he’s blackmailing patients. DOOL spoilers for June hint that Tripp will start to get suspicious of the doctor when he sees Snyder have a very intense conversation with Gwen. Will Tripp put two-and-two together?

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10. Major Character Return

DOOL spoilers for June indicate that EJ DiMera is on his way back to Salem. Sami and Lucas better be on high alert! In all seriousness, EJ officially returns on Wednesday, June 9th. In added teasers, Lucas will trash-talk Gabi this month. Could this be because of her reunion with Jake, and what it’s doing to Kate?

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9. More On EJ DiMera

It’s important to note that the original actor who played EJ, James Scott, is not reprising the DiMera role. Rather, the part has been recast with Australian actor Daniel Feuerriegel. Daniel has worked within the Spartacus franchise and the Aussie soap, Home & Away, as well as primetime shows Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.Chicago Fire, and NCIS: Los Angeles. Feuerriegel was noted in an interview stating that he’s excited about bringing EJ back to Days, and seeing what “flavor” he can bring to Salem.

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8. Sami’s Onto Nicole

But, before EJ storms back to Salem, Sami will stick her nose where it doesn’t belong, once again. DOOL spoilers for June hint that she’ll accuse Nicole of having an affair with Xander. Sami’s not wrong, but Walker is sure to deny the claim and do all she can to keep her one-nighter with Xandy hidden from Sami and the rest of the little town.

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7. Sami Should Focus On Herself

After EJ returns, Sami could very well shift gears from pushing Nicole. After all, she hasn’t exactly been an angel since returning to town, as she too has cheated on EJ (not once, but twice). There’s a good chance that Xander turns things on Ms. DiMera, and if Nicole finds out what Sami’s been up to, there’s no telling what she might do.

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6. Rava In Full Effect

DOOL spoilers for June state that Rafe and Ava will continue with their romance this month. They’ll get intimate, and ride a nice wave together. Added teasers hint that Nicole Walker won’t be overly pleased with the Rava relationship; however, she may have her hands full keeping Sami at bay over the coming weeks.

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5. Xander Moves In With Jack (and Gwen)

DOOL spoilers reveal that Jack will offer Xander a place to stay. While Julie won’t be happy about having the charming, yet often annoying, young man around, should Jack be more concerned about having his young friend and new-found daughter under the same roof? Looks like drama could erupt!

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4. Goodbye Jan Spears?

Sounds like June will offer closure to the Jan Spears storyline. While she’ll have both Claire and Chloe hostage early on, DOOL spoilers hint that Brady, Philip, and Ben will be on the hunt for Jan and her two hostages. Things will get far worse before they get better, but there’s a good chance that both Chloe and Claire are rescued. There will be a ton of drama before that happens.

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3. The Roller Coaster Ride

DOOL spoilers for June note that it’ll be like a roller coaster ride to capture Jan Spears. Ben will accidentally set off a “trap” when trying to help Claire, while Philip will work with Spears one-on-one to negotiate Chloe’s release. Things will seem very up in the air in early June, but hopefully, the ladies will end up safely back in Salem. This will likely be Jan’s exit storyline from the show (for now).

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2. New Friendship On The Horizon

DOOL spoilers for June reveal that Marlena and Paulina will cross paths this month. Added teasers hint that a new friendship could be growing between them. In other news, Paulina will work on a plan but keep it hidden from everyone. There’s a good chance that Abe could place a wrench in all of this for her.

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1. Chanel’s Proposition

Sounds like Chanel might be up to even more trouble this month. DOOL spoilers indicate that she’ll approach Lani with a business proposal. Will her cousin agree to it? Maybe, maybe not. However, added teasers indicate that some days later, Allie will be approached by Chanel. Sounds like her “friend” will offer her something unexpected.

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