Days Of Our Lives: Spoilers For March 2020

Published on February 25, 2020. Updated February 28, 2020

As exciting as February Sweeps was, it’s time to ring in a new month in the land of Salem! Ciara races against the clock; Stefano continues to cause chaos; and Evan reveals something unexpected to Sonny. Learn about these storylines and others in the Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for March 2020.

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12. Evan Reveals All To Sonny

According to DOOL spoilers, March will come in like a lion when Evan reveals something to Sonny. He’ll already be approached by Rafe about some deceit (in late February). It seems as if Evan may be fessing up about something to Sonny so that he doesn’t hear it from someone else.

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11. David’s Father

Could Evan be David’s father? Could he be behind Jordan’s demise? Anything is possible in the land of Salem, but it doesn’t seem that farfetched, as he was David’s nanny. The real question is, if Ciara does find out the truth (in time), she might be able to save Ben.

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10. Ben’s Execution

DOOL spoilers indicate that the storyline around Ben’s execution will spill over into March. The big day will come, and Will, Marlena, and Ciara will all watch on, hoping and praying for a miracle. When miracles don’t pop up, someone will do something drastic to try and stop the execution.

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9. Ciara Takes The Plunge!

DOOL spoilers suggest that Ciara will do something to stop it all; however, will she be successful? Added teasers for this storyline indicate that Ben will get injected, and as the serum spreads to his body, his last thoughts will be about moments spent with Ciara. In fact, there will be a point where Ben flatlines, but most Days’ fans have a feeling that something will pop up to save Ben in the nick of time.

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8. Stefano’s Wrath

Days spoilers state that Stefano will continue his pursuit of all things horrible in the coming month. First off, Kayla will be taken aback when Dr. Rolf suggests a way that DiMera could still be with Marlena. Could it mean placing her in Kayla’s body? Meanwhile, Justin will meet with John in early March to see if he can help him get back Kayla.

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7. The Negotiation

Somewhere along the way, John clearly comes up with a plan. Come March, Marlena and Justin will set up a meeting with DiMera in hopes that they can negotiate some kind of release. Will they be able to sway Stefano to let Kayla go? It seems as whatever they have planned will go terribly wrong.

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6. Chad’s Under DiMera’s Spell

Could Chad have something to do with Justin and John’s plan going wrong? DOOL spoilers hint that Stefano will place Chad under a “spell” of sorts. Seems like DiMera will be back to his brainwashing tricks. In the end, Chad will end up doing some dirty work for Stefano, but does this have to do with Marlena and Kayla, and will Chad (unknowingly) cross a line?

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5. Roman’s Upset

Across town, Roman will give Kate an earful! He’ll be very upset that she helped Stefano and Gina carry out their plan against Marlena and John, especially now since his sister is wrapped up in it all. In other related teasers, Hattie will be acting strange (well, stranger than usual), which will have Roman worried.

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4. Jennifer’s Confrontation

Speaking Gina, she better watch out! As per Days’ spoilers, Jennifer will confront Princess Gina in March. Seems like the entire thing will be quite intense, so it’s a scene most fans won’t want to miss. In other teasers, Nicole will unexpectedly learn about a secret in Salem. Could she find out about the baby switch?

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3. Xander’s World

Speaking of, Xander will run into someone that will have him quite upset next month. Seems as if the doctor involved in the Black/Brady baby switch will come back to town. Dr. Raynor, who was involved in switching Baby Mackenzie for Kristen and Brady’s infant, will be in Salem come March, and Xander won’t be overly pleased to see him.

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2. Gabi Hears It

Gabi’s been up to no good these past months, and she’ll hear it from many people. First off, DOOL spoilers indicate that both Kristen and Julie will give Gabi a piece of their minds in March. She’ll get blasted by both ladies (at separate times). In other related teasers, the Eli reunion will be in full force next month, until the couple gets some unsettling news.

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1. Character Return

Days spoilers indicate that actress Tionne “T-BOZ” Watkins is set to reprise her Sheila Watkins role on the show sometime in March. While an exact airdate has not been revealed, it seems as if she’ll pop back into the land of Salem in the coming weeks. Here’s hoping she has her sights set on Abe!

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