Days Of Our Lives: Spoilers For May 2021

Published on April 28, 2021.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for daytime drama fans! May sweeps offers that much more romance, plot twists, adventure and reveals! Days of Our Lives (DOOL) is no exception to the rule and, as viewers say goodbye to April, they have a ton to look forward to next month. Learn more about what will happen to Belle, Jan, Tripp, Allie, Sami and others in the below DOOL spoilers for May 2021.

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12. Belle Fights To Clear Her Name

Fans all know that Jan Spears was behind Charlie Dale’s shooting; however, in the land of Salem, all arrows are pointing towards Belle Brady right now as the prime suspect. DOOL spoilers for May hint that Jan won’t get away with what she’s done. In fact, despite what John saw with his own eyes, he’ll believe his daughter when she says she’s been set up.

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11. The Truth Comes Out

DOOL spoilers indicate that John won’t be the only one to stand by Belle’s side her hubby Shawn Douglas will, also. The two men, along with Belle, will fight to clear her name. Other loved ones will join the crusade and hopefully, by the month’s end, everyone will learn Jan Spears tried to frame Belle. It won’t be easy, as Jan was in a coma at the time of Charlie’s shooting, but the truth will eventually come out.

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10. Kristen’s Plan Falls Apart

DOOL spoilers for May reveal that Kristen’s “switcheroo” plan will come to the surface. It seems as if Brady will find out that DiMera’s been parading around as Susan for a while now. But will he learn about everything Kristen’s done while out of jail? Will anyone find out that Kate’s being held captive? What about Sarah? No information on that, so fans will have to tune in to find out.

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9. Jabi Reunion

With Jake’s feelings for Hernandez and Gabi recently realizing she can’t shake her ex, these two will gravitate towards each other this May. DOOL spoilers hint that with Kate out of the picture, the couple will be “drawn” to one another and some sort of reconnection will be made between Jabi over the next month.

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8. Sami and Lucas

DOOL spoilers for May suggest that Sami and Lucas will continue to push the “brain tumor lie” to Chloe, in hopes that she’ll focus on Horton and stay away from Brady. With that said, added teasers imply that Lucas and Sami will deal with a dire situation over the next month one that will force these exes and co-parents to face how they feel about each other. It sounds like they’ll believe the “end is near”, and the floodgates around their true feelings will open up. Will they allow passion to take over?

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7. E.J. Return?

Since May sweeps mean returns, could E.J. DiMera come back to Salem next month? According to Daytime Confidential, DOOL has recast the role! Actor Dan Feuerriegel will be stepping into the E.J. DiMera role sometime soon. No exact air date has been posted; however, May does seem like the perfect opportunity to include him.

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6. Gwen and Abby’s Feud

DOOL spoilers note that the sister rivalry between Abigail and Gwen will spill into May sweeps. Added teasers hint that the two will have a squabble soon that could result in something terrible. The two ladies will be arguing at the top of the DiMera mansion staircase and Gwen will fall, losing the baby. Rizczech will blame Abby and even try to file criminal charges. Yikes!

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5. Ben Gives Love One More Chance?

DOOL spoilers state that Ben will sadly accept Ciara’s decision to leave town with Theo soon. He’ll be heartbroken; however, could another chance at love be around the corner? Added teasers for May hint that Claire and Ben will realize that their friendship might be something a little more. The two will decide whether they should stay “just friends” or take the next step. What will they decide to do?

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4. Nicole Puts Her Marriage On The Line

DOOL spoilers hint that Nicole’s “bad side” could come out in May, and she may do something to jeopardize her marriage. According to teasers, she’ll not only be jealous over Rafe and Ava’s budding romance, but she’ll also be unhappy when hubby Eric extends his Congo stay yet again. It sounds like she could cross a line; will Rafe Hernandez be the guy she does so with?

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3. Past Memories Are Thrust To The Present

DOOL spoilers imply that a love triangle is on the horizon for Allie and Tripp, but it may not be one that fans expect. Added teasers suggest that Chanel Dupree is someone that Allie Horton was romantically linked to in London. As May progresses, fans will learn that these two ladies were more than just friends during their club scene days.

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2. Love Triangle, With A Twist

DOOL spoilers add that while Tripp and Allie get a little closer, Chanel might be a wedge that comes between their romance. Speaking of Dupree, added teasers hint that she’ll move in with Lani and Eli next month. While she’ll try and “settle down” her partying ways, sounds like there’s a good chance she could add to the chaos. It’ll definitely be a “full house” with baby twins, a young couple, and Chanel!

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1. Xander Blackmails

DOOL spoilers for May indicate that Xander will be desperate to move on from losing Sarah Horton. As such, Xandy will try and create a fresh new start with a brand new job. How will he go about getting this? Added teasers suggest that Xander will blackmail his way to a new beginning! Typical Xander!

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