Days Of Our Lives: Spoilers For November 2022

Published on October 28, 2022.

Calling all Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! What’s set to unfold in the land of Salem over the next month? There will be election day drama! Meanwhile, old feelings will creep up between Stefan and Gabi (despite an impending wedding), as Xander spirals into darkness. Learn more about these storylines and others in the below DOOL spoilers for November 2022.

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12. It’s Voting Day!

Yes, November is sweeps month, but it also happens to be election time, too. As U.S. citizens head out to vote on Tuesday, November 8th, DOOL spoilers note that Paulina and Abe will await the results of their races for Governor and Mayor. Added teasers note that if fans think that Ms. Price has put a stop to Sloan’s threats, they should think again!

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11. Good News/Bad News…

The good news is, DOOL spoilers indicate that Paulina will win her bid for governor. The bad news is that her daughter Chanel will get arrested in front of “everyone”, including Allie, her mom and Abe that very night! Secrets never stay hidden in the land of Salem, and Chanel’s “secret” will be exposed in November.

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10. Wedding Time (Or Is It?)

DOOL spoilers for November hint that wedding bells will be around the corner for Li and Gabi. But will they say their “I do’s”? Even though Stefan has a hate-on for Hernandez, sparks will continue to fly between the two, leading up to the big event. In other news, Julie and Doug will celebrate their 57th anniversary. Fans should expect to see some videos from the past, honoring one of the first super couples in soap opera history!

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9. Focusing On Chloe

While sparks fly between “Stabi”, DOOL spoilers for November suggest that Stefan will remain focused on Chloe. Fans should expect to see these two lock lips in early November. Meanwhile, added teasers note that Wendy and Johnny will be on a mission to track down Dr. Rolf. Can they clear up this mess and prove that Stefan’s heart really belongs to Gabi? (Well, it’s technically Jake’s heart… but either way, the point is Stefan’s true love is for Hernandez… not Lane.)

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8. Xander Has Goals… 

Over to Xander and Sarah, DOOL spoilers state that Xander will be focused on providing a better life for his new wife. However, added teasers reveal that the way he decides to move forward with this dream will place him on a bad path. Not only will he dabble in some “dark” actions, but he’ll also be lying to Sarah about what he’s up to.

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7. Creepy Clown Update

DOOL spoilers suggest that the creepy clown from recent episodes will kidnap Susan and Bonnie, and the two ladies will be gagged and tied to chairs. Added teasers hint that the clown could be Xander, or someone who looks like Xandy. Taking into consideration the above spoiler, which notes that he’ll be conducting some shady business, there’s a good chance he’s suited up to earn the type of living that can keep Sarah comfortable.

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6. Never Underestimate Ava

DOOL spoilers for November indicate that Ava will partner up with someone unexpected to carry out a plan of revenge against EJ. Added teasers say Vitali will hit DiMera where it hurts the most. It sounds like there’s a war brewing between these two that will escalate and turn very ugly, as the month of November progresses.

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5. Dire Consequences

DOOL spoilers for November imply that there could be dire consequences for those closest to Ava and EJ during this “war”. In other news, visual previews for the soap show Ava and her deceased son, Charlie, hanging out in the crypt together! Is this who she’ll partner up with? Is Charlie alive somehow, or is his evil spirit advising her to do some dastardly things?

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4. Things Get Complicated

Across town, DOOL spoilers for November promise that things will get sticky between Stephanie, Alex and Chad. While DiMera is still grieving Abigail and adamant that he’s not ready for a relationship, he has been drawn to Ms. Johnson regardless. Complicating things, Stephanie will see Alex in a new light over the coming days and weeks. In fact, added teasers imply that she may be ready to give Kiriakis a try. How will Chad react to this?

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3. A Marriage On The Rocks

DOOL spoilers reveal that a stunning confession could change the game between Eric and Nicole. Added teasers suggest that Mr. Brady will be given some major news soon, the kind that may prove to change his life. These two events could either be final “nails in the coffin” for Nicole and Rafe’s marriage, or be the very things that save it.

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2. They Get Caught

The DOOL fall preview showed Eric and Nicole sharing a passionate kiss, with Jada catching them. The show’s spoilers for November seem to hint that this will happen in the weeks ahead. What kind of news could make or break a marriage? Finding out that your wife is cheating on you could be a deal-breaker. On the other hand, finding out that your wife is expecting could fortify a marriage. Then again, Eric could find out Ms. Hunter is expecting. He’s never been given the opportunity to be a father, so this could change everything!

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1. Kayla And Steve Embark On An Adventure!

Now that things are zen with Kayla’s health, these two can sit back and relax this month, right? Not exactly! DOOL spoilers for November note that Tripp’s life will be in dange. The super couple will go undercover to do everything they can to save Johnson’s son. Will Tripp be okay?

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