Days Of Our Lives: Spoilers For October 2019

Published on September 30, 2019.

We are the cusp of a new month in Salem that will be filled with new romances, new adventures, new returns, and so much more! Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans should expect some goodbyes in the coming weeks, a miracle to unravel, plus plenty of drama to unfold within a certain high-profile family in the town. Learn about these storylines and others in the DOOL spoilers for the October 2019.

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12. Big News For Brady!

DOOL spoilers indicate that Kristen will let Brady know she’s expecting his child in early October, which will shake him to his core. He won’t believe her at first, thinking she’s crazy, but after time he’ll come to accept this news as the truth. Unfortunately, this won’t bode well with Victor.

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11. Kristen Moves In

As much as Victor will be very upset with the news around Kristen’s pregnancy, he’ll be even more upset when he finds out she’s moving into the Kiriakis mansion. DOOL spoilers suggest that Victor will be less than pleased to find out he has a new houseguest in the form of a DiMera.

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10. New Alliance?

While Victor is not a fan of Kristen, one person that may turn into one is Jordan. In fact, DOOL spoilers tease that Jordan will push friendship onto Kristen come October. She’ll be eager to become besties with the DiMera, and try everything she can to get close to her.

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9. Sarah’s Secret

On the other side of Salem, while confident with her decision to keep her (and Eric’s) baby, Sarah will still work hard to keep it hush-hush from him. In fact, Nicole will begin to realize that Sarah is hiding something and try and get her to crack. Horton will try to cover her tracks, but Nicole will be on to her.

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8. Time To Say Goodbye

As Sarah desperately tries to hide her pregnancy, DOOL spoilers reveal she’ll be that much more anxious to leave Salem for good. With that said, Xander will work overtime to try and convince sweet Sarah to stay in the little town. But, will he succeed? Sounds like there is a good chance that Sarah won’t go anywhere.

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7. Julie’s Fate

DOOL spoilers suggest that Julie’s family and friends will gear up to say goodbye to her in early October. Seems as if they won’t be able to find a heart donor for her after all, and the entire Horton/Williams clan will lose hope. That is, until a fatal situation for one family, turns into a miracle for another.

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6. Vivian Starts Trouble

DOOL spoilers for October indicate that Stabi will settle in for a romantic evening this month, not realizing what fate has in store for them. Vivian will decide to get into a little trouble. It seems as the police will be called to the incident, and this is where a big plot twist occurs.

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5. Standoff With Lani

DOOL spoilers suggest that Salem PD officer Lani will be assigned to check the entire situation, and she will probably end up having a standoff with Vivian. She will most likely try and get Viv to put her ammunition down; however, this will not happen. Stefan will learn about what his mom is up to, try and find her. Seems like he’ll pop onto the scene when Lani has Viv cornered. Things turn even uglier from here.

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4. Stefan Will Try To Save The Day

What happens next is over the top. In an attempt to save Vivian, DOOL spoilers hint that Stefan will jump into the crossfire, and it seems as if he will be the one who gets hurt. Lani will be wrought with guilt over the situation, but it probably won’t really be her fault. She was only doing her job by trying to restrain Vivian.

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3. Stefan Donates His Heart?

Rightly so, DOOL spoilers tease that Gabi will be very upset around the news of what has happened to Stefan. The incident will leave him in the hospital in a terrible state. It seems that he may even pass on, and end up providing the heart transplant that Julie so desperately needs.

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2. Steve Johnson Returns

Among some sad spoilers comes a really nice one for October, as Days teasers indicate that Steve John will return to the little town sometime this month. Actor Stephen Nichols will reprise the role in coming weeks, which means that it is only a matter of time before Steve reunites with not only Kayla, but Jack too!

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1. Hello Princess Gina?

DOOL spoilers indicate that while Hope is praying for Julie, something from the past will pop up and throw her into a scheme of sorts. Teasers have indicated that Princess Gina is set to return come the fall, and it seems as if this storyline will start to unfold in the coming weeks. Fans should stay tuned.

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