Days Of Our Lives: Spoilers For Spring 2021

Published on March 24, 2021.

As the snow melts in Salem and the flowers begin to bloom, the drama will continue to hit fever-pitch on Days of Our Lives (DOOL). Some exits are on the horizon, some returns, and fans will finally find out who was behind Charlie’s shooting! Learn about these storylines and others in the below DOOL spoilers for Spring 2021.

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12. Sarah Says Goodbye?

Actress Linsey Godfrey confirmed on Twitter recently that she plans on exiting Days soon. She sent a heartfelt tweet to the cast and behind-the-scenes staff, but no final air date has been revealed. What will happen to Sarah Horton? It’s hard to say. The character could be written off the canvas or a recast could be coming to Salem.

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11. Sarah and Kristen

As it stands now, Kristen has Sarah locked away in hopes to ensure the secret around the switch between her and Susan Banks isn’t revealed. DiMera does not want to get “rid” of Horton, but there have been hints that she could send Sarah to a private island for some time. DOOL spoilers for the end of March do hint that Sarah and Kristen will have a battle, as Horton desperately tries to escape the prison she is in. Could DiMera accident cause Sarah to pass away? Anything is possible!

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10. Gabi and Abigail

Looks like lightning is set to strike twice in the little town. DOOL spoilers imply that Abby will approach Gabi early on in the spring to see if they can align together, once more. Does Abigail want to target her half-sister Gwen again, or does she have someone else in mind? Only time will tell!

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9. Jennifer Horton’s Return

Fans of Jennifer Horton were sad when she took off to Boston recently, to handle some things after her mom Laura passed away. According to Days’ Head Writer Ron Carlivati, Jenn will be back at some point. Carlivati has assured that Horton will return, it’s just a matter of when. This is bound to happen at some point over the spring months ahead.

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8. Who Will Play Jennifer Horton Moving Forward?

Actress Melissa Reeves has played Jennifer Horton for decades now. While there have been recasts here and there, including the most recent performance by Cady McClain, Reeves is best known as Horton and much-loved by DOOL fans. With that said, Missy stepped back from filming during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why McClain stepped it. Head Writer Ron Carlivati remained hush-hush about who would play Jennifer Horton when she returned to Salem. While Melissa Reeves is the ideal candidate, McClain did a stellar job in the role. McClain’s stint with the show recently ended; however, there’s always a chance she could return.

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7. Couples Reunite?

Jake and Kate aren’t getting along that well as of late, and Gabi is in hot pursuit to get her ex back. Plus, Jake can’t seem to shake Hernandez off his mind. DOOL spoilers indicate that another layer to this love triangle may surface. Added teasers hint that Kate’s ex, Roman, will make a confession of sorts to her soon, indicating he hopes for a future with her.

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6. Paulina’s Secrets

New Days character, Lani’s Auntie Paulina, has been a breath of fresh air on the show. During a recent interview with EW, the actress playing Paulina, Jackée Harry, noted that the character has plenty of “secrets”, which will be exposed as time goes by. Harry also stated that Paulina is fiercely protective over her “cubs”, which includes Lani, her twins, plus the character’s daughter, who is set to debut very soon.

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5. New Character Alert

Speaking of, actress Precious Way will join DOOL in late March playing Chanel, Aunt Paulina’s daughter. Claire and Tripp will welcome her into Salem over some drinks, and she’ll be a part of the Elani/Paulina storyline moving forward. What secrets will Chanel bring to the little town? Fans will have to tune in to find out!

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4. Charlie Dale’s Shooting

Things are slowly starting to unravel in the Charlie Dale shooting storyline. Days fans have learned this week that Sami wanted to shoot him; however, arrived at the scene of the crime too late. Over the next couple of months, suspects will pop up out of the woodwork, as scenes tease guilt and suspicion.

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3. The Shooter Will Be Revealed This Spring

DOOL Head Writer Ron Carlivati recently chimed in on this storyline. While he offered no hints as to who was behind Charlie’s shooting, he did note that the arc would conclude over the next couple of months, over the spring season. This “Who Dun It?” storyline has kept viewers on the edge of their seats, so fans should note there will be weeks more of investigation and intrigue.

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2. Suspects To Emerge

Allie seems like a viable suspect, as does John Black, Steve, and Nicole Walker. With that said, Ava Vitali will also emerge as a strong suspect in her son’s shooting case in the coming weeks ahead. With that said, the guilty party in these types of storylines tend to be someone who is not on the canvas (as of yet) or someone who seems the least likely of a crime like this.

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1. Cin Reunion

Ciara’s finally home! However, Ben (and Cin fans) aren’t getting the reunion they planned for. It seems as if Ciara has short-term memory loss. She certainly remembers who she is, and long-time family and friends, but can’t recall Ben and the love they shared. DOOL spoilers imply that she’ll be very excited when Theo visits her. Could Carver place a wedge between Ciara and Ben this spring? He still has feelings for her, so it is very possible.

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