Days Of Our Lives: Spoilers for Summer 2021

Published on June 15, 2021.

Summer is right around the corner, and from the looks of it, Salem is about to heat up with drama! From unexpected character returns to another murder mystery, fires, hook-ups, break-ups, and more; Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans will be stunned by everything that will take place over the next three months. Learn more about what will happen to Sami, Lucas, E.J., Gabi, Nicole, Rafe, Ava and others in the below DOOL spoilers for summer 2021.

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12. E.J. Has Two Goals In Mind

DOOL spoilers for the summer reveal that E.J. will return with two goals in mind: win his wife back and boot Jake out of the top spot at DiMera so he can reclaim his throne. E.J. will basically apologize to Sami for being a bad husband as of late, and he’ll recruit Chad and Tony to help him overthrow Jake at DiMera Enterprises. Will E.J. succeed in regaining his old life in Salem?

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11. Kate Messes With Gabi and Jake

Speaking of Jake, he might be too preoccupied with Kate and Gabi to see what’s happening at DiMera Enterprises. DOOL spoilers for the summer hint that Roberts will mess with Jake and Gabi, continuing her blindness and amnesia charade. She doesn’t want DiMera back, but she is looking for some revenge. How long will it take before Gabi loses it on Kate? How long before Jake realizes he’s being duped?

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10. Johnny DiMera Returns

Another DiMera will make a comeback soon, as a DOOL summer preview video also reveals that Sami and E.J.’s son Johnny DiMera is set to return to Salem. A scene shows him hugging his twin Allie as she welcomes him back to Salem. Johnny will be SORAS’d and played by actor Carson Boatman. Makes sense that Johnny is back, especially since Allie, Sami, and E.J. are all in town this summer, too. Does that mean fans will get to see Sydney anytime soon?


9. Rivalries Re-Ignite

DOOL spoilers for this summer note that the Sami/Nicole feud will gain momentum in the weeks ahead. While Sami is set on exposing Walker’s one-nighter with Xander, Nicole will learn that her nemesis has a similar secret she’s hiding. Added teasers imply that both women will try and rush to the finish line to expose the other.

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8. Eric Returns

Speaking of Nicole, she’s about to get an unexpected visitor in the form of her hubby! The Days summer preview video also revealed that Eric Brady is finally coming home after his stint in Africa. Actor Greg Vaughan will reprise the role. While having her husband back in town has been Walker’s dream for a while now, things might not turn out to be “ideal” for this reunited super couple. In added teasers, Nicole won’t be the biggest fan of Rafe and Ava’s romance, and Vitali will take notice.

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7. Mixing Business With Pleasure

DOOL summer spoilers indicate that Chanel and Allie’s new business venture will result in these two getting closer and closer. Added teasers hint that Allie will continue to deny any feelings for her bestie other than friendship; however, will this really be the case? Tripp will start to notice how the dynamic is slightly changing between Allie and Chanel, but he’ll take Horton at her word. It’ll be an interesting scenario to watch unfold.

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6. Paulina “Sells” A Plan To Abe

Over to Paulina, DOOL summer spoilers indicate that she’ll “sell” a plan to Abe Carver that will offer an incentive for small businesses owned by people of color. The goal will be to create some diversity within Horton Town Square. Paulina is hiding her true intentions around all this and will feel conflicted as she gets closer and closer to everyone in Salem especially Lani and Abe.

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5. Elani’s Anniversary

Elani will celebrate their first wedding anniversary in July! DOOL summer spoilers state that their celebration plans will coincide with Paulina’s ground-breaking event for Horton Town Square. The two things will collide at the same time, but will this be a good thing or a bad thing? Not much more information within the teasers to lean one way or the other about this.

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4. Is There Hope For Cin?

Actress Victoria Konefal will return to Days this summer reprising her Ciara role just before the soap goes on hiatus for the 2021 Summer Olympics. It seems as if the show wanted a good “cliffhanger” before the big break, and they’ll achieve that when Ciara shows up at Ben’s door, wanting him to finally sign their divorce papers. Is there any hope for a Cin reunion? DOOL’s head writer Ron Carlivati teases there might be, as Ben will feel he has to “do something” before it’s too late.

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3. Unlikely Romance

While Xander is trying to blackmail Gwen right now, things will change between these two as the summer wears on. DOOL spoilers indicate that sparks will fly between Gwen and Xandy as the new roommates learn to coexist, bicker and scheme together. In fact, Kiriakis will help Gwen deal with her Dr. Snyder issue.

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2. Good Old-Fashioned Love Triangle

Now that Brady has said buh-bye to Kristen, Chloe will be a romantic option for him. However, has this ship already sailed? Thanks to Philip’s recent heroic rescue efforts against Jan Spears, Lane’s head will be turned towards Kiriakis and the two will bond. Sounds like Days is setting fans up for a good old-fashioned love triangle between these three over the summer weeks.

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1. Things Get Disastrous

The DOOL summer preview video also reveals some disastrous events on the horizon. The first one includes a fire caused by a lantern; however, it’s hard to see who will be affected by this, and how. The second has to do with a body found in the lake, while Claire, Tripp, Ben and Allie pay a visit to the local beach. Which Salemite will be floating adrift and how will this change the dynamics in the little town? Fans will have to tune in to find out!

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