Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (August 10 – August 21, 2020)

Published on August 10, 2020.

Calling all Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! Ready for another explosive week in the land of Salem? Allie does something completely unexpected while someone catches Eve in the little town. Also, Ben struggles with being brainwashed. Learn about these storylines and others in the DOOL spoilers for August 10 to August 21, 2020.

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12. Allie’s Request

DOOL spoilers indicate that Allie will leave a note behind when she flees the little town, and it will have an unexpected request. Days teasers hint that she’ll leave her little one under the care of Nicole, and many (mostly Sami) will not be overly pleased with the decision. What happens next will have viewers on the edge of their seats!

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11. The Search Is On!

According to DOOL spoilers, Eric, Sami, and Nicole will go looking for Allie, and as per additional teasers, she may not be too far from home, as she’ll turn to Claire to cover for her. In other news, Sami will reach out to Belle and ask for some help. Could this be for sisterly support or something legal that needs tending?

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10. A Restraining Order

The baby drama will continue to spill over in Salem to the week of August 17th. DOOL spoilers indicate that Sami will place a restraining order on Eric and Nicole, so this may have to do with the baby. Added teasers imply that a handful of Salemites will be involved in drama, as the responsibly around Allie’s baby will be debated.

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9. Ben Struggles

Days spoilers reveal that Ben will be haunted by Eve and Vincent’s brainwashing this week. He’ll try and hide his anxiety from Ciara; however, as the days go by, he’ll have a terrible dream that he strangles her. Could Ben be capable of doing such a thing? Only time will tell!

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8. Vincent Returns

Sadly, by the end of this coming week, Days spoilers reveal that Ben will see Vincent while in Marlena’s office. It doesn’t seem as if this will be a hallucination (although Ben may think it is), as added DOOL teasers for the week of August 17th state that Vincent will work hard to eliminate Ciara.

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7. Eve’s World

DOOL spoilers also hint that Eve will also show up in Salem near the end of this week coming. She’ll run into Claire, and beg the young girl to not turn her in. As the week of August 17th comes to an end, Days teasers reveal that Eve will do something to mark the anniversary of Paige’s passing. Speaking of Claire, she’ll talk about her future and what she has planned with Marlena in the coming days.

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6. WilSon Reconciles

Despite the damage from Sami, DOOL spoilers state that Sonny and Will do reconcile this coming week. In fact, they’ll do some talking and work towards fixing their relationship. It seems as if this all could be leading up to WilSon’s exit, as teasers for the week of August 17th suggest that they’ll have a big decision to announce, and Gabi won’t bee overly pleased with what they say.

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5. Gabi/Jake/Chad/Gwen

Speaking of, there will be a lot going on in the DiMera mansion in the coming weeks! First off, as per Days spoilers, Jake and Gabi will have a massive fight. As the week progresses, Gwen and Jake will also get into it, thanks to his recent “friendship” with Gabi. By the time the weekend hits, fans will see Gwen planting a kiss on Chad, while Jake and Gabi get some unexpected news.

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4. Philip Returns

DOOL spoilers relay that Philip will return on Tuesday, August 18th, as actor Jay Kenneth Johnson reprises his Kiriakis role. According to related teasers, Philip will have his eye on Titan, and not only should fans expect Xandy to feel a tad threatened by Kiriakis’ comeback, but a corporate clash is on the horizon, as these two will not only struggle for Victor’s approval but for power within his company.

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3. A Stroll Down Memory Lane

DOOL spoilers hint a stroll down memory lane for Kate, and she talks to Abe about her relationship with Vivian over the years. While everyone seems to think that Alamain has passed, fans know all to well that it won’t be long before she makes a return to Salem, and Kate will once again be taken aback at Viv’s nine lives.

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2. John Collapses

Not a ton of information around this spoiler; however, Days teasers do reveal that John Black will collapse the week of August 17th. Could this be related to Eve or something else? Perhaps he has health issues to address? Either way, Marlena and his family are sure to be rocked by the entire situation.

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1. More Spoilers!

Days teasers indicate that a newlywed couple will struggle with the unknown, so this could either have to do with Elani and their news around twins, or Cin and Ben’s brainwashing. Across town, spoilers suggest that Hope and Rafe will share a nice moment, while Justin will do something unexpected for Bonnie.

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