Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (August 17 – August 28, 2020)

Published on August 17, 2020.

Calling all Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! As summer winds down to a close, the heat will continue to rise in the land of Salem. Three interesting character returns are set for the next couple of weeks while conflicting views will continue to dominate friction between Sami, Eric, as well as Nicole. Also, John will suffer from a medical emergency. Learn about these storylines and others in the DOOL spoilers for August 17 to August 28, 2020.

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12. The Eric, Nicole, and Sami Situation

Things are going to turn ugly between these three and fast! DOOL spoilers indicate that Sami will issue out a restraining order to Nicole and Eric on Monday’s episode, and by Wednesday’s show, the three will have a major confrontation, but will someone else get caught in the crossfire of Sami’s rage?

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11. John Collapses

According to Days spoilers, John will collapse because he and Sami get into a major fight. Could it be about how Sami is handling her grandson’s custody? Regardless, there’s a good chance that this fighting occurs only between the two of them as Marlena won’t be there when John collapse.

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10. Sami Keeps A Secret

DOOL spoilers indicate that Sami will keep a secret from the family. Will she hide the fact that John collapsed during their argument? Sounds like that may be the case! Regardless, John won’t be doing so well as the week drums on. Steve will sit by his friend’s bedside all night, and Marlena will get some comfort from Ben.

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9. Custody Is In The Air

Back to the baby’s custody, it seems as if the entire town will be torn over “what is right” and who should be responsible for the little guy. Before John’s collapse, Kate and Marlena won’t see eye-to-eye over what’s best for Allie’s newborn, and the week of August 24th will bring new revelations. Nicole will try and turn Belle against Sami, while Sami herself will do something bold during the baby’s custody hearing.

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8. Kiriakis Returns

Tuesday, August 18th marks the return of actor Jay Kenneth Johnson when he reprises his Philip Kiriakis role. Actress Suzanne Rogers will be back on the show as of Wednesday, August 19th, as Maggie hasn’t been seen in Salem for a little over a month now. She’ll probably be around to welcome Philip back into the fold.

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7. Paige Comeback

Meanwhile, the week of August 24th teases the return of Paige Larson, as actress True O’Brien reprises the role. What will Paige be doing back in Salem? This comeback might have more to do with her mom Eve than Larson herself. Not much more information on this, so fans will have to tune in to find out!

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6. Anniversary of Paige’s Passing

Days spoilers reveal that Eve will commemorate Paige’s passing on this Friday’s (21st) episode. Could Paige be back as a ghost? Meanwhile, regardless of what Paige says or does, it seems as if Eve’s plan will continue to unravel. DOOL spoilers reveal that Ciara will feel a bit uneasy when Ben takes her to an undisclosed location the week of August 24; however, as the weekend hits, Ben and Eve will have a massive confrontation. Added teasers indicate that this could all end in disaster for Ben.

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5. Philip’s Return

Back to the drama at the Kiriakis mansion, Philip will return on this Tuesday’s episode, and while Xander will receive some good news earlier this week, and share some romantic time with Sarah, things will go downhill for him as soon as his cousin saunters into town. DOOL spoilers hint that poor Xandy will feel threatened by Philip’s presence, and it seems as if a rivalry will start to brew between these two. In other related news, Bonnie and Victor will spar this week.

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4. Sonny’s Offer

DOOL spoilers reveal that Sonny will be presented with an offer the won’t be able to refuse this coming week. Seems as if he and Will have a major decision in front of them, and according to added teasers, they’ll come to a conclusion early this week. When the news hits Gabi, she won’t be overly pleased.

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3. Gwen’s Efforts

According to DOOL spoilers, Gwen will continue to try and use Chad in an attempt to rile up Jake’s. But will this plan work in the long run? Plus, is Chad playing with fire in helping her with this? After all, he needs to be careful, he’s a married man.

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2. Jake and Gabi

Jake isn’t Stefan, and while the news of this has been devastating for Gabi, fans can see some chemistry between these two. They’ve been managing to get along well, as friends, for some time now, and the week of August 24 will see things heat up even more between these two. According to DOOL spoilers, Jake and Gabi will “give in” to their feels, so audiences can expect some fireworks between this couple late next week.

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1. Rafe and Hope

Is there a reunion on the horizon for these two? DOOL spoilers are teasing that Hope is rescued by Rafe later on this week, and she’ll also get some advice from besties Kayla and Jennifer about some feelings for her ex. Seems like it at some point (during or after the rescue), Rafe and Hope will kiss, sparking what the future could hold between these two. In other related news, Rafe will grill an unexpected intruder that tries to enter his house during the week of August 24th. Who could it be now?

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