Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (August 30 – September 10, 2021)

Published on August 30, 2021.

Calling all Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! What’s set to unfold in the land of Salem over the next two weeks? The little town prepares for Beyond Salem, while Chloe and Brady get snuggly. Also, could Cin be ready for a baby? Learn about these storylines and others in the below DOOL spoilers for August 30th to September 10th, 2021.

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12. Time To Hit The Road!

This week’s Days preview video hints that some Salemites will be hitting the road! Jarlena is off to Zurich! Meanwhile, Elani, Paulina and Abe are hitting Miami; Chad is heading to Phoenix, while Anna and Tony get busy packing to go “somewhere”. All these characters also happen to be linked for the Peacock spin-off, Beyond Salem, which premiers on Monday, September 6th. Sounds like some storylines this week will help set things up for the series.


11. Cin Gearing Up To Be Parents?

The weekly DOOL preview video also hints that Ciara and Ben will be on their honeymoon during the week of August 30th. While camping, Ciara will note that she’s out of birth control pills. Will the couple decide to throw all caution to the wind and try to grow their family? They do have some time to make up for!

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10. Ben’s Hesitant

DOOL spoilers for the week of September 6th imply that Ben might be hesitant to turn their family of two into three. Added teasers reveal that Ciara will be gung-ho about the idea, but Ben won’t be as excited. Could it be because of his genes? After all, his dad’s a criminal, his sister had mental health issues, and without his medication, Ben would literally be a serial killer. Could he fear he’d passing something unhealthy on to a child?

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9. Chloe and Brady

DOOL spoilers indicate that Chloe will head to New York with Brady in the coming days. Something will happen which forces them to be a little too close for comfort. In added teasers for this coming week, Philip will vent to Belle about something, and it likely has to do with Brady. In other news, Kiriakis will catch Chloe and Brady together in bed. This won’t end well!

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8. Chad Runs Into Jabi

Before Chad heads to Phoenix, DOOL spoilers state that he’ll have a “run-in” with Jake and Gabi. What could these two be up to now? Might have to do with bringing Philip down. In added teasers for the week of September 6th, Kiriakis will find out what Gabi has been up to. Hernandez better prepare herself for the worst!

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7. Xander Pushes Back

DOOL spoilers for the week of August 30th note that EJ will be taken aback when he realizes that Xander’s ready to play hardball! In other Xandy news, that Days weekly preview shows him and Gwen getting hot and heavy. Expect some more steamy scenes between this couple. Lastly, added teasers for the week of September 6th reveal that EJ will encourage Chad to fight for his marriage. What’s in this for DiMera? Keeping Chad out of Salem and out of the family company?

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6. Allie’s World

DOOL spoilers for the week of August 30th suggest Allie will struggle in the aftermath of learning that Johnny is Chanel’s new boyfriend. In fact, added teasers imply that she’ll have an “over-the-top” reaction to it all. As the days go by, Nicole will believe she knows why Allie’s so bothered by it all. How will Allie react to Walker’s observation?

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5. Calista Becomes A Thorn In Bonnie’s Side

Across town, DOOL spoilers for the week of August 30th suggest that Calista could cause problems for Bonnie. As the weekend hits, she’ll ask Bonnie to do something illegal in exchange for keeping her secrets. Will Lockhart cross a line, or will she come clean to Justin about her past?

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4. The Plot Thickens…

DOOL spoilers for the week of September 6th imply that Steve will start investigating Calista’s past. Added teasers reveal that Justin will learn something stunning. Will Steve inform him of his findings on Calista, or will this have to do with Bonnie’s past and her secrets? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

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3. Abe Overhears Something

DOOL spoilers for the week of September 6th indicate that Paulina could be in hot water. Added teasers imply that Abe Carver will accidentally overhear one of Price’s secrets. Will he find out about Lani? This would not only affect his relationship with his “daughter” but Paulina, too. In other related news, Paulina will offer some advice to Chanel in the coming days.

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2. Gwen Comes Clean

DOOL spoilers for the week of August 30th note that Gwen will decide to “come clean” to Jack about her latest mess. In added teasers for the week of September 6th, Gwen will finally confess to her dear old dad. So what will Jack’s reaction be? In other news, Ava will announce something to Rafe. What will this be all about?

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1. Doug’s Health

Some serious Days spoilers for the week of September 6th, as it sounds like Doug’s health may be in question. Roman will be concerned about Williams’s mental state, as Julie will refuse to see that something is wrong. In added teasers, when Julie is in a jam, Jack will jump to the rescue.

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