Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (June 7 – 18, 2021)

Published on June 7, 2021.

Calling all Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! What’s on tap in Salem over the next couple of weeks? Xander decides to use “secrets” to his advantage, while Chanel has another odd encounter with Eli. Also, E.J. returns and settles in. Learn about these storylines and others in the below DOOL spoilers for June 7 to Jun 18, 2021.

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12. Xander Uses Secrets To His Advantage

DOOL spoilers hint that Xander will decide to turn Gwen’s secret against her. Sounds like Xandy will not only blackmail Nicole but Rizczeh, too. Speaking of Walker and him, he’ll place the pressure on her in the coming days when it comes to employment. Seems as if Xander will be juggling multiple balls over the next two weeks. With that said, teasers reveal that Xander will go to bat for Gwen where Dr. Snyder is concerned. Could he start to catch some feelings?

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11. Confession Time?!

DOOL spoilers imply that Nicole will ponder telling Eric the truth about her one-night stand with Xander in the coming days. This could bring his blackmailing to a halt, but will she go through with it? In added teasers, Rafe will be very curious about what is going on between Nicole and Xander. Can he get to the bottom of things?

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10. Chanel and Eli

DOOL spoilers hint that Chanel and Eli will have another *awkward* encounter in the coming days! This is the second time something of this nature has popped up, which means that Chanel’s days at the Elani household could be numbered. In related teasers, Chanel and Allie will share their “big” news with Tripp… how will he react to it?

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9. Big Business Plans

Sounds like Chanel and Allie will make some big business plans over the coming weeks. DOOL spoilers for the week of June 14th indicate that Allie will finally meet Paulina. With that said, things won’t go smoothly as added teasers reveal that it’ll turn from nice to uncomfortable, fast. In other news, Allie will visit her grandma Marlena in the next few days for advice, while Chanel stumbles onto something unexpected.

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8. E.J. Returns

Speaking of “something unexpected”, DOOL spoilers note that E.J. DiMera makes his official return this Wednesday, June 9th. The role has been recast and will now be played by Aussie actor Dan Feuerriegel. A Days weekly preview video reveals that DiMera’s return will not be expected, as Sami will be taken aback when she sees her hubby at her door. In related teasers for the week of June 14th, E.J. will have a proposition for Tony.

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7. Lucas Wants Sami Back

Before E.J.’s major (unexpected) return, that DOOL weekly preview video indicates that Lucas will work hard to convince Sami to reunite. They have quite the history and love story in Salem; however, with DiMera back in the picture, added teasers suggest that Sami will be scrambling the week of June 14th to ensure recent secrets stay hidden. She’ll also feel very “torn” between her ex and her husband. In other Sami news, she and Ava will have a huge confrontation in the coming days.

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6. Paulina’s Confession

Back over to Paulina, DOOL spoilers note that she’ll wonder if coming clean to Abe is the right thing to do. It’s clear that she hasn’t been forthcoming where Carver is concerned. Will she decide to tell him her true motives, or continue to keep him out of the loop? Only time will tell!

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5. Tripp Has His Suspicions

DOOL spoilers for the week of June 7th suggest that Tripp will be quite suspicious where Dr. Snyder and Gwen are concerned. In fact, he’ll decide to fill Kayla in on what he’s noticed as of late. Will she feel the same way when she learns about what the doctor has been up to? In related teasers for the week of June 14th, Steve, Kayla, Justin, and Bonnie will go on a double date! Sounds like Bonnie will be super nervous about the entire thing, so will everything go smoothly? This is the land of Salem, so probably not!

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4. Chloe’s Choice

Across town, DOOL spoilers for the week of June 14th state that Chloe will have a dilemma that many will envy. Seems as if Brady and Philip will literally be “fighting” for Lane’s attention! Poor girl, right? The two “Kiriakis” men will have respective reunion plans for Chloe, but ultimately, the choice is hers. Who will she decide to pursue a romance with?

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3. Claire’s Announcement

DOOL spoilers imply that Claire might have a major announcement for Belle and Shawn during the week of June 14th. Whatever she says could take them aback, as added teasers state that they might be stunned by what she reveals. What could Claire say that will have her parents shocked? Does this have to do with Ben?

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2. Kate’s Ready For Home

Meanwhile, some good news for Kate Roberts during the week of June 14th! Well, sort of. DOOL spoilers suggest that she’ll be ready to head home after a long stint in the hospital. The bad news is that Gabi might blow her top, as Jake will be by Kate’s side to help her with the transition.

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1. Pre-Emption Alert

DOOL will not be seen this Thursday, June 10th, and Friday, June 11th, for undisclosed reasons. With that said, regular programming will resume Monday, June 14th. It’s important to note that Wednesday, June 9th will be the show’s last episode for the week, so fans should expect the weekend cliffhanger to take place at this time.

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