Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (November 30 – December 11, 2020)

Published on November 30, 2020.

As November winds down and the last month of 2020 is finally here, the land of Salem keeps spinning with revelations. How will Gabi react to Kate and Jake? Will Ava ever reveal herself? Will the feud between Xander and Philip heat up, or fizzle out? Learn the answers to all these questions and more in the Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for November 30 to December 11, 2020.

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12. Gabi’s Not Happy

DOOL spoilers for this week imply that Gabi won’t be too pleased to see Jake and Kate canoodling, and her reaction should be one of epic proportions. While Jake and Kate have kept things under wraps, for the most part, added teasers suggest Gabi may decide to let the cat out of the bag, which is sure to stun Chad.

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11. Gwen’s Meltdown

Speaking of the DiMeras, DOOL spoilers for the week of December 7th reveal that Gwen will be quite upset, and even throw a “hissy fit!” Are her schemes not going according to plan? Seems as if there’s a good chance that something might go off the rails. Will Days fans finally learn about her back story?

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10. Steve and Kayla

DOOL spoilers hint that Steve and Kayla will be on shaky ground the next couple of weeks. Not only will they argue about Tripp this week, but Steve will be taken aback when Kayla tells him that his son needs to move out. Can this super couple survive their recent “bump” in the road?

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9. Ava Emerges From The Shadows

DOOL spoilers indicate that while Ava has been laying low, by the end of this week, she’ll come out from the shadows to see Tripp. How will Tripp react? It’s clear that Ava won’t stop with her son, as teasers for the week of December 7th state that Kayla will find Ava hanging out at her house! Seems like the proverbial cat will be out of the bag.

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8. Joey Johnson Returns

As the week of December 7th progresses, Kayla and Steve will find themselves visiting Joey in prison. Could they come with good news around his release? After all, if Ava is alive, and they both know it, surely his sentence won’t stick? In related news, Steve and Lucas will come head-to-head the week of November 30th.

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7. Xander Continues To Dig

Across down, the feud between Xander and Philip will continue to heat up, as DOOL spoilers for the week of November 30th suggest that Kristen will get a visit from Xandy, as he asks her more about her recent visit from mystery woman “Ms. Van De Camp.” Will Kristen fess up? Meanwhile, Sarah will also try and get Philip to tell her more about his time away from town, in the coming days.

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6. Sarah Comes Up With An Idea

Perhaps it’s her time alone with Philip that makes her realize that she could get more out of him if he thought she was single and the two were “dating”? DOOL spoilers for this week state that Sarah will ask Xander to break up; however, it seems as if the entire thing is part of a plot to bring Kiriakis down.

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5. Sarah Gets Caught

Back to the Sarah/Xander/Philip saga, while there is a plot to convince the world that they’ve broken up, Sarah will also get “caught” looking through Philip’s things in the coming days. Will she be able to think on her feet, or will Kiriakis be on to her? In other related teasers, Charlie will feel as if he’s caught in the middle between his two “CEO” bosses this week; however, something happens the week of December 7th that has the young intern confessing to Xander.

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4. Charlie and Claire

Speaking of Charlie, he’ll also have a lot to deal with in the next couple of weeks when it comes to his budding romance with Claire. While DOOL spoilers hint these two will continue to get closer this week, added teasers state some jealousy coming from Charlie as it relates to Claire’s friendship with Ben.

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3. Chloe Returns

Will Sarah succeed in getting closer to Philip if one of his exes returns to town? DOOL spoilers reveal that Chloe will be back in the land of Salem this coming week, as actress Nadia Bjorlin reprises the role. Chloe will not only have scenes with Philip in the coming days, but also ex Brady Black.

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2. Allie’s World

DOOL spoilers indicate that Allie will get some upsetting news in the coming days, and even attempt to do something quite Sami-ish, so it seems as if Allie will be plotting and scheming. Added teasers for the week of December 7th reveal that Allie will take Nicole aback with some news, and even turn to Kate for advice around “what her next move should be.”

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1. More Spoilers!

Rafe turns to Roman for more details this week, while John lands in hot water for trying to hurt Jan during the Shelle wedding. Jenn and Bonnie will try to make Justin and Jack jealous, and rounding out DOOL spoilers for the next couple of weeks, Lani will allow Eli to participate in an important moment.

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