Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (October 19 – 30, 2020)

Published on October 19, 2020.

As Halloween approaches in the land of Salem, things will get dark, unnerving, and downright spooky! What will unfold in the next couple of weeks? A power outage will cause a ton of chaos; Ben will continue to think bad thoughts; and there will be a ton of criminal character returns! Learn about these storylines and others in the Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for October 19 to October 30, 2020.

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12. Power Outage Causes Chaos!

A power outage rolls down the pipe early on the week of October 19th that causes the entire town to go dark! At the same time, DOOL spoilers hint that three scared, yet opportunistic, Statesville inmates decide to make a run for it! Two will form an alliance, and one has a dire plan in store for an old friend.

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11. Clyde, Orpheus, and Dr. Rolf

DOOL spoilers indicate that Clyde and Orpheus will partner up while Dr. Rolf will head straight to the DiMera mansion. Seems as if he’ll have terrible intentions for Chad up his sleeve, but thankfully, someone unexpected storms in to help save DiMera, before anything terrible happens! Who could end up being Chad’s hero?

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10. Where Is Marlena?

Across town, DOOL spoilers for the week of October 19th reveal that Belle and John will be worried about Marlena’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Evans will get a visit from Orpheus. Seems as if Orpheus will want a favor from Marlena, and there’s a good chance that this has to do with his son Evan. DOOL teasers for the week of October 19th state that she’ll be desperate to move up Evan’s release from Bayview.

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9. Kayla Gets Involved?

Could Kayla be the reason Marlena is working so hard to get Evan released from Bayview? DOOL spoilers for the week of October 26th imply that the plot of this storyline could thicken. Steve and Roman will be very concerned about Kayla. Meanwhile, she’ll be taken aback by Dr. Rolf, who reveals a scientific project he’s up to. Could Rolf kidnap Kayla, and hold her ransom for Orpheus?

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8. Clyde and Ben

Across town, Days spoilers reveal that Clyde will visit Ben. He won’t be the only stopping by to see Ben, as added teasers imply that he’ll also get a visit from Eli. Seems as if there’s a good chance that Salem’s PD will be on the hunt for Clyde, and head straight to Ben’s house.

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7. Clyde Unnerved

DOOL spoilers for the week of October 19th indicate that Clyde will catch up with Ben, and realize that he needs to take action. A vision of Ciara will have Ben wanting revenge against Vincent that much more, and Clyde will wonder what he can do to help “save” Ben from doing anything drastic. In fact, the week of October 26th, Clyde will do all he can to change Ben’s mind about his plan.

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6. Henry’s Gone

Speaking of Clyde, Days spoilers reveal he’ll be up to no good. Early during the week of October 26th, he’ll convince Allie Brady to let him into her apartment. Something goes very wrong, as added teasers suggest that Nicole and Allie will lose their minds when they realize that little Henry has gone missing.

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5. Eli On Edge

Meanwhile, DOOL spoilers indicate that Eli will feel on edge this week. Not only will he be battling the power outage, but he’ll also worry about what could happen if Lani finds out the truth. Sadly, added teasers suggest he’ll be adding another lie to his long list of untruths in the coming days. What will he be up to now?

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4. Philip Gets Caught

DOOL spoilers hint that Philip will get caught by Brady this week, as he conspires against Xander. Seems as if Philip will try to fib his way out of it all, but will he succeed? In other Philip news, Xandy will be quite upset when he sees his foe hanging out with Sarah in the coming days. Philip sure knows how to get under his skin.

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3. Charlie and Claire

Claire and Charlie will become a little closer this coming week, as she continues to confide in him. With that said, DOOL spoilers imply that Charlie may not be one of the good guys, and that will be revealed in the coming days. In related news, Belle will be terrified when she realizes that she’s come face-to-face with Jan during the blackout.

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2. The NEW Jennifer

DOOL spoilers indicate that actress Cady McClain will first appear as Jennifer Horton on October 26th. Actress Missy Reeves is taking a temporary break from the show, and McClain will act as her replacement in the interim. Teasers note that J&J will find a letter from Hope late the week of October 26th, and this might help to solidify Williams’ exit from the little town.

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1. Suspicions Arise

DOOL spoilers reveal that Jake will come out with some accusations against his ex during the week of October 19th. He’ll be concerned about Abby, and what he says will cause Gwen to fume. As the week of October 26th hits, Chad will also start to have suspicions around Gwen and what she’s up to.

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