Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (August 17, 2020)

Published on August 13, 2020.

Calling all Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! August is in full swing, and more drama is on the horizon for many Salemites next week! Sami lashes back at Eric and Nicole while a major character finally returns. Also, John has a medical emergency. Learn about these storylines and others in the DOOL spoilers for the week of August 17, 2020.

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9. Sami Lashes Out

According to DOOL spoilers, Sami will lash out at Eric and Nicole (in multiple ways and multiple times) next week. The couple will receive a restraining order from her on Monday’s episode, and all three will have a heated confrontation. Seems as if they may not find Allie after all, and may have conflicting ideas around who should look over her baby. In added teasers, Sami will hide the truth from her family.

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8. Allie’s Baby

They won’t be the only ones debating on the fate of Allie’s baby! As per Days‘ spoilers, Kate and Marlena will also fight about what is in the best interest of Allie’s newborn. With both great-grandmothers battling it out, could Marlena be Team Eric and Nicole, while Kate is Team Sami? Hard to believe that, but Kate may also think that Lucas/Sami should care for the child.

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7. John’s Health

DOOL spoilers are quite cryptic around John’s medical emergency next week; however, it doesn’t look good for Black. On Wednesday, August 17th, John will collapse, and by Thursday’s show, Marlena will be given bad news about his condition. By the time the weekend hits, Steve will be vigil by John’s bedside, and Ben will be comforting a distraught Marlena.

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6. Xander and Sarah

These two will be in romance mode this week, so fans should expect a ton of heat between the newly reunited couple in the coming days. Days spoilers also reveal that Xandy will get some good news mid-week, and be on cloud nine … that is, until Philip makes an unexpected return!

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5. Philip’s Back

DOOL spoilers have been touting Philip Kiriakis’ comeback to Salem for weeks now; however, everyone will be taken aback when he arrives. Seems like an unexpected move on Philip’s part, and added teasers reveal that Xander will feel very threatened by all that goes down when Victor’s prodigal son returns. Speaking of, Bonnie and Victor will get into a sparring match sometime this coming week.

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4. Sonny’s News

DOOL spoilers suggest that Sonny will get an offer he won’t be able to refuse. Does this mean a job offer … outside of Salem? He and Will are on their way out, so this might all be a part of WilSon’s exit storyline. In related teasers, Gabi won’t be happy about Sonny and Will’s decision.

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3. Gwen’s Games

DOOL spoilers indicate that Gwen will try to make Jake jealous this week, and she’ll use Chad as a pawn to do so. She’s clearly out of sorts about his “friendship” with Gabi and might try and turn the tables on him. The big question is, will this tactic work or backfires on her?

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2. Eve and Vincent

Seems as if Eve’s plan against Ben will continue this coming week, as DOOL spoilers hint that Vincent will try and place a final nail in Ciara’s demise. More brainwashing techniques, perhaps? In added teasers, Eve commemorates the anniversary of Paige’s passing. Yes, Donovan is wicked, but there is a sad reason behind her bitterness.

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1. Hope and Rafe

There seem to be continual tender moments between Rafe and Hope as of late, and this may escalate in the following week. DOOL spoilers reveal that Hope will find herself in a sticky situation in the coming days, and Rafe will come in for the save. Additional teasers suggest that Jenn and Kayla will give her some advice about Rafe, by the time Friday hits. Is there a reunion between these two in the works?

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