Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (August 24, 2020)

Published on August 19, 2020.

As August rounds off to a close, the drama on Days of Our Lives (DOOL) continues to escalate! What will unravel in the land of Salem this coming week? Ciara is unnerved by Ben’s actions; Nicole stirs the pot; and Hope and Rafe kiss. Learn about these storylines and others in the DOOL spoilers for the week of August 24, 2020.

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9. Ben’s Odd Behavior

Days spoilers reveal that Ben will do something quite odd early next week, and Ciara will be unnerved by his actions. Seems as if he’ll take his new wife to a creepy location on Monday. Is this to ax her off thanks to his brainwashing, or potentially to protect her from Eve and Vincent?

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8. Paige Returns

No exact date has been set as of yet, but actress True O’Brien will reprise her Paige Larson role on DOOL the week of August 24th. There’s a major chance that Paige returns in ghost format and tries to reason with her mom to let go of her hate-on for Ben; however, how cool would it be if she really didn’t pass after all? Eve would sure to lighten up if this was the case.

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7. Ben and Eve

As the weekend hits, DOOL spoilers confirm that Eve and Ben will have a major confrontation, with added teasers hinting that encounter could lead to disaster. Will Ben lose his mind this coming week, and cross a line? Or could he end up hurting Eve in the name of self-defense? Seems like this will be DOOL’s Friday cliffhanger, so it’s something fans won’t want to miss.

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6. Nicole Stirs The Pot

Across town, it’ll be more of the same between Sami and Nicole. According to DOOL spoilers, Nicole will stir the pot with Belle by throwing Sami under the bus. Many within the family are quite upset that Belle has been helping Sami with this custody hearing, as well as the restraining order she filed against Nicole and Eric. Seems as if Walker will hope to cause trouble between the sisters to throw them off when it comes to the custody hearing.

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5. Sami’s Bold Move

DOOL spoilers relay that Sami will make a bold move next week during her grandbaby’s custody hearing. Related teasers note that she’ll also stab a sibling in the back in this process. Could Sami bring up Eric’s addictions during the court case to gain the upper hand? Sounds like a “classic” Sami move.

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4. Nicole’s Past

Another thing Sami could bring up in court is Nicole and Eric’s unstable relationship over the years. She did once leave him for money, and Walker has a terrible past herself. Not that Sami is a saint by any means, but it would seem right up Sami’s alley to start pointing the finger of an unstable home.

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3.Unexpected Intruder

DOOL spoilers suggest that Rafe will get an unexpected intruder this coming week, one that he will end up grilling. Could this be a “bad guy” that breaks in, or someone more familiar? Seems as if Rafe will be annoyed enough to throw 20 questions at the person, but not enough to cause harm.

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2. Hope and Rafe Kiss

Or could Hope decide to pay Rafe an unexpected visit? Days spoilers indicate that the two exes will kiss this week, which will spark a discussion around a potential reunion. These two have clearly been starting to “feel” things for each other again, and it’s only a matter of time before they link up again.

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1. Jake & Gabi

While two exes decide on a reunion, two new lovebirds will give in to their feelings. DOOL spoilers hint that Gabi and Jake’s relationship will take a turn for the romantic in the coming days, as these new “friends” decide to change up their relationship, dramatically. Days fans should gear up for some heated scenes between them at some point next week.

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