Days of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (December 24, 2018)

Published on December 20, 2018. Updated December 31, 2020

It’s the week of Christmas in Salem, and what should Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans expect? A holiday miracle (or two), some out-of-this-world returns, and a crazy run-in with two former foes. Learn about these storylines and more in the DOOL spoilers for the week of December 24, 2018.

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9. Julie Wakes Up

Fans of Julie can breathe a huge sigh of relief. Not only will she be okay (health-wise), but she’ll also deliver the truth around Baby Charlotte’s real father! This will not only have Abby and Chad reeling but Gabi and Stefan as well! It’ll be the holiday miracle DOOL viewers have all been waiting for.

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8. Chad’s Reaction

DOOL spoilers indicate that Chad will be shocked on so many levels. Not only will he try and wrap his head around being Charlotte’s dad, but also the fact that he was truly duped by Gabi. Does this mean a holiday Chabby reunion is on the horizon? Here’s hoping so!

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7. Stefan Seething

When Stefan learns the truth about Gabi’s scheme, he will hit the roof and want revenge. After all, he’s bonded with the child already and learning he is not Charlotte’s dad will be very hurtful for him. This blow right before the holidays will hit Stefan like a ton of bricks.

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6. Gabi Scared

Of course, Gabi will be knocked off a peg or two now that everyone knows the truth. While she will obviously be humiliated by the fact that she’s been exposed as a scheming liar, DOOL spoilers tease she will also be scared as heck. Moreover, she’ll be terrified about what Stefan will do to get back at her for switching Charlotte’s paternity test. She’ll approach Stefan and be at his mercy next week, hoping he won’t retaliate.

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5. Abe Surprised

On to some good holiday cheer! DOOL spoilers indicate that Abe will be taken aback when Sheila gives him a Christmas gift. Abe’s been down out since Valerie left town, so here’s hoping the present lifts up his spirits. Are DOOL fans seeing some romance form between these two? Looks like it!

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4. Abby And Ben

DOOL spoilers indicate that Ben and Abby will have a run-in this week. Ben’s been working hard at making amends with those in Salem, and here’s hoping for a Christmas miracle when it comes to Abigail. He hurt her bad, and it might take some time for her to warm up to the idea that he is “reformed.”

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3. Days Holiday Traditions

DOOL fans should expect those “feel good” Salem holiday traditions that all viewers look forward to during this time of year. From the Horton family gathering to trimming the Christmas tree to the kids’ party at the hospital. Speaking of, DOOL spoilers tease that Leo will create quite the scene during hospital festivities. Here’s hoping it’s a positive one, and nothing negative.

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2. Character Return

Dr. Shah is set for a return on the Thursday episode of Days. He was once the handsome doctor that dated Jennifer a while back, and also took care of Abigail and Steve at one point last year. Is he in Salem to woo Jenn back or for another storyline?

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1. Jack Deveraux Returns!

Yes, you read right! Jack will come back during New Year’s Eve festivities happening at Doug’s Place, as legendary actor Matthew Ashford rejoins the DOOL cast this week. Set your PVRs to this Friday, December 28th to capture his shocking return. It’s important to note that DOOL spoilers are teasing that Jack won’t be coming back as a ghost this time around, so fans need to brace themselves around an explosive storyline.

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