Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (July 22, 2019)

Published on July 18, 2019. Updated November 11, 2019

Eve will pretend to support Jack in his efforts to get his memory back, this week on Days Of Our Lives (DOOL). Also, Rex and Sarah will finally move out of Eric’s apartment and Xander will end his alliance with Kristen. Learn more about what will happen to the residents of Salem below in the DOOL spoilers for the week of July 22, 2019.

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9. Susan In Shock

Susan Banks will be stunned this week when she comes face to face with – herself! Having failed to tempt Brady as “Nicole,” Kristen decided to don her Susan disguise and came on to him again. After she is rejected by Brady twice, she will be out and about in Salem and will run into the real Susan. How will Susan react when she sees her mirror image? Spoilers tease she will hold Kristen at gunpoint.

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8. Busted Alliance

Fed up with constantly having to put out fires for his lunatic ally Kristen, Xander will threaten her. He will tell Kristen he’s going to expose “Nicole” for who she really is. He’s already stolen her Nicole mask and this week he will tell her their alliance is off. Tired of a life of crime and mayhem, is Xander thinking of becoming a model citizen? If so, one of his main reasons for this could be to win Sarah’s heart.

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7. Marlena And Roman At Odds

Roman will call out Marlena this week. More than likely, he will tell her how inappropriate it is for her to be encouraging Eric to pursue a married woman, namely his brother’s wife Sarah. Marlena knows Eric still has feelings for Sarah, and vice versa. She wants to see her son happy, but would it be worth it if his happiness came at his brother’s expense?

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6. Rex And Sarah Move Out

Newlyweds Rex and Sarah will finally move out of Rex’s brother Eric’s place. And it’s about time too. Rex knows his brother has feelings for his wife and he suspects Sarah cares a little too much about Eric also. So why would you want to stay in his house and tempt fate? It’s just downright weird. Spoilers tease Eric and Rex will also get into a fight over Sarah this week. So, will moving out give Rex and Sarah a chance to make their marriage work?

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5. Sarah’s Suitors

Not only does Rex have to contend with his brother Eric’s feelings for Sarah, but he must also watch out for Xander. Sarah’s former paramour has made it no secret that he wants her back and considers her marriage to Rex a minor obstacle. DOOL spoilers tease Xander and Rex will get into a huge argument over Sarah. Viewers know Sarah is attracted to Xander and enjoys flirting with him, but would she be tempted to cheat on her new husband with him? 

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4. Questioning And Bargaining

Lani will question Ted when she finds irregularities in the statement he gave about his and Kate’s kidnapping. Viewers know Ted’s inconsistencies lie in the fact that Stefan had absolutely nothing to do with the hostage situation, and the real perpetrators were Kristen and Xander. Stefan has no idea why Ted and Kate would accuse him of holding them hostage in the secret room and he will attempt to bargain with Kate to get to the truth. Also, Stefan’s lover Gabi will continue to dig for answers as she tries to help figure out who set him up.

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3. Haunted Haley

Things have been looking rosy in Haley’s world these days. She and JJ are back together and living with Tripp in his loft. And thanks to her mother calling in a favor, she’s cleared to stay in the U.S. for now. But Haley will have some problems this week and DOOL spoilers indicate she will begin having disturbing visions of Claire when she and JJ move into Claire’s old room. Then again, who wouldn’t have strange experiences and nightmares after nearly being burned alive?

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2. Act Of Betrayal

Although she will tell Jack she supports him taking Dr. Rolf’s serum, Eve will be in full panic mode this week. She knows full well that when Jack gets his memories back he could very likely kick her to the curb. Jack will be surprised by Eve’s support, as well he should be because rumor has it that later in the week she will take drastic measures to make sure his memories stay buried. Spoilers tease that Jack will catch her in an act of betrayal. It seems Eve will try to replace Dr. Rolf’s memory serum with an ineffective placebo. Could this be the beginning of the end of Jack and Eve’s marriage?

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1. A DiMera Returns!

In casting news, Thaao Penghlis will return to DOOL on July 26. “Talking about what’s coming up in the World of DiMera’s this month,” Penghlis posted on Instagram. “I think it a very provocative time. Who comes through that door on the 26th & what riddles we have to overcome?” But will the DOOL veteran return as Andre or Tony DiMera – or both? Most spoilers point to Andre, but fans will just have to tune in to find out!

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