Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (November 25, 2019)

Published on November 20, 2019.

It’s the week of American Thanksgiving, and while some Salemites will be grateful for all that they have, others might not be so happy with what life serves them in the coming days. Learn more about what will happen to Chabby, Ciara, Ben, Lani, J.J., Baby Mickey, Sarah, Xander, and others in the Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for the week of November 25, 2019.

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10. Character Return

It’s the moment many have been waiting for! Actor Stephen Nichols will reprise his Steve Johnson DOOL role this week, finally returning to the land of Salem. Spoilers state his big comeback rolls out on Wednesday, November 27th, so this is an episode most fans won’t want to miss. Wonder what he’ll think of Kayla and Justin hooking up?

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9. Mickey’s Kidnapper

By now, most fans are aware that Baby Mickey has been taken while she and mom Sarah were at the town’s square. DOOL spoilers suggest that Ciara will have an encounter with the child’s kidnapper early on in the coming week. Ciara will want to do all she can to bring the baby home, so here’s hoping she can do so, without getting hurt in the process.

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8. Xander Expresses Himself

In related DOOL spoilers, Xander will express just how he feels about Sarah this week. He’ll tell her he loves her; however, teasers also state that he’ll struggle to cover up a scheme he’s done. Could he be behind Mickey’s kidnapping, or is this about something else? In other news, Nicole will confess something to Eric, which will leave him feeling overwhelmed. Will she tell him the truth about Mickey’s paternity?

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7. Chad’s Not Too Thankful

DOOL spoilers reveal that Chad and the man he believes to be Stefano will seemingly have another meeting. According to teasers, it won’t go the way Chad was hoping for. Does this mean that there is a confrontation between the two? Could Chad get kidnapped in the process? Fans will have to tune in to find out what happens.

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6. Warning From Eli

DOOL spoilers indicate that Eli will offer Gabi a warning this week. He’ll believe that Chabby are in fact “plotting” against her, and he’ll give her a heads up to stay vigilant. Seems as if this storyline will continue to heat up in the coming days. Will Chabby and Gabi ever get along? Probably not, considering their history.

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5. Lani Confides

DOOL spoilers indicate that Lani will turn to someone in the coming days and finally confide in them as to why she left poor Eli at the altar last year. Who could she spill this secret to? Kristen? Another nun? Perhaps a priest during confession? Either way, the truth will finally be out there. How long before Eli finds out?

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4. Brother/Sister Bonding Session

DOOL spoilers reveal that J.J. and Abigail will have a chat this week, and finally talk about Haley’s passing. It seems as if J.J. will open up to his sister about his bottled-up feelings around his girlfriend, and the loss he feels now that she is gone. Should make for an emotional scene.

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3. Thanksgiving Celebration … In Prison?

DOOL spoilers hint a Thanksgiving celebration of sorts for Eve and Hattie in prison this week. Seems that they’ll not only commiserate around their predicament, they’ll also start scheming around a new potential plan to get back at their enemies. What could these two be up now? It might not be good news for Jennifer … or Marlena for that matter!

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2. Thanksgiving Gift

Speaking of Marlena, DOOL spoilers relay that she’ll receive a gift from a possible “admirer.” Teasers state that the holiday present will be very unexpected. Could it be something that reminds her of Stefano? Or something that implies it could be from DiMera? Either way, it seems that Marlena won’t be too pleased about the Thanksgiving gift. In other (possible) related news, Princess Gina will prepare to debut her Phoenix portrait … could this be Marlena’s unexpected present?

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1. DOOL Pre-Empted

Due to the American Thanksgiving holiday, DOOL will not be seen on Thursday, November 28th or Friday, November 29th. Sure, it’ll be a shortened week in the land of Salem, but by the looks of it, the three days that the show is airing will be jam-packed with tons of drama! DOOL will commence regular programming once again on Monday, December 2nd.

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