Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (October 29, 2018)

Published on October 29, 2018. Updated December 31, 2020

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) promises to have a rollercoaster of a week, with a ton of emotion, some romance, more breakups, shocking revelations, some partying in between, spooky fun, and a fair share of drama. Two babies learn their guardianship fate; a couple reunites, only to break up again; and another couple looks to take their relationship to another level. Learn about these stories and so much more in the DOOL spoilers for the week of October 29, 2018.

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10. The Fate Of Baby Holly

It will continue to be an emotional time for Eric, as he heads back to Salem to tell Maggie that Nicole is dead. That means poor little Baby Holly is alone in the world with no parents. The two will talk about an appropriate custody situation for the child, as someone needs to step up as her guardian.

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9. The Aftermath Of Nicole’s Death

Eric will have a strong support system in Maggie, his dad Roman, and sister Sami when dealing with Nicole’s death. He’ll have a rough week and need all the help he can get from friends and family. As for Brady, he too will be quite emotional. DOOL spoilers indicate that Brady will feel like Nicole’s death is his fault, and will turn to Eve for comfort.

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8. Short-Lived Reunion

Brady will apologize to Eve for his harshness, and the two will have quite the steamy reunion. They jump into bed together, and afterward chat about the future that is on the horizon for them. Sadly, this will not come to be, as Brady will admit to bedding Kristen to gather information, and Eve will break up with him on the spot.

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7. Bye, Bye Eve

Eve will not only say goodbye to Brady, but she’ll also pack up and leave town too, heading for New York. There is a silver lining to all this, and DOOL spoilers indicate that this is a temporary leave for Eve (and the actress that plays her, Kassie DePaiva). Before Eve bids adieu to Salem, she’ll stop in to see Jennifer. She’ll make sure to blame poor Jenn for everything that has happened, and she’ll vow some revenge on her.

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6. Is The Mystery Patient E.J.?

Inquiring minds want to know … Sami wants to know! As such, Sami will push Kayla into doing a DNA test on the mystery patient she has, to find out if he is E.J. As the days go by, Sami realizes that Susan may be able to help with the situation, but she is conflicted. Susan is not stable as it is, and if the mystery patient isn’t E.J., she might be setting her up to get hurt again.

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5. Chad And Jenn Mull Over A New Marriage

Jennifer and Chad will contemplate this new marriage of Abigail’s. Things changed and fast between Stefan and Abby thanks to her divorce from Chad and quickie wedding to DiMera. Now, Chad can’t have her committed, and he desperately does believe that Abby needs help, so he will feel like his hands are tied this week. Meanwhile, Gabi will be downright irate by the turn of events this week when she finds out that all her planning and plotting to get Abigail committed has been thwarted by Abby’s new-found marriage.

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4. Party Crasher

Maggie will catch up with Sarah this week, as they get ready for her huge engagement party. She and Rex are set to tie the knot, but Chloe may ruin all this for them. Chloe will have some suspicions about Baby Bonnie and her parents, and she will learn the truth about the baby’s ‘mom and dad’. As such, she decides to reveal what she’s found out at Sarah and Rex’s engagement party! DOOL spoilers hint that Chloe will burst into the event, crash the party, and reveal the shocking news. Sounds quite dramatic.

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3. Hattie Shocks Roman

Hattie gets demanding this week and wants a little more from their relationship. She’ll ask Roman for a session between the sheets to prove that he really loves her! DOOL spoilers tease that Roman will try with all his might to get out of the situation. He’ll push the idea that Hattie should divorce John so that they can get married and save the entire affair for their honeymoon and first official night as ‘husband and wife.’

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2. Ben Opens Up To Ciara

Ben and Ciara will have a touching moment this week when he shares a meaningful story with her about his past. This should pull her closer to him, she loves it when he is vulnerable with her. In other DOOL spoilers, Claire is shocked when Tripp makes a surprising confession to her: he was the one who framed Ben for that fire!

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1. Spooking Halloween Fun

DOOL spoilers indicate that some strange events will occur during the show’s Halloween episode, with some interesting, whacky, and spooky events that take place. The soap is teasing some familiar faces to appear, including actor Thaao Penghlis, who will reprise his role of Andre. But, don’t get too excited Days’ fans! Sounds like the episode will be a dream sequence of sorts. It still promised to be a fun, entertaining, and spook-tacular show.

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