Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (October 8, 2018)

Published on October 8, 2018.

What’s on tap this week on Days of Our Lives (DOOL)? Well, Sami goes on a search; a super couple finally reunites; and viewers will find out who really shot Marlena on her wedding day! Learn about these storylines and mor in the DOOL spoilers for the week of October 8, 2018.

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9. Marlena’s Shooter

Diving right into next week’s DOOL, spoilers hint that Marlena will remember seeing someone else with a gun during the shooting, and it seems the truth will surface around the mystery shooter. In fact, spoilers tease that she, along with John and Sami will all find out the true identity of Marlena’s shooter this week.

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8. Who Could The Culprit Be?

Fans shouldn’t be shocked if Xander ends up being the mystery shooter. After all, Days’ spoilers indicate that viewers will witness his return on Tuesday’s episode and learn he is working with Kristen DiMera. If he is the shooter, and has been Kristen’s partner all along in this scheme, don’t be surprised if he knows all about E.J. and his whereabouts.

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7. Brady and Kristen

Turns out Kristen and Brady will get much closer this week; in fact, they end up making love. This is most likely for Brady to earn her trust and learn more about what she’s up to. As Kristen lowers her wall, Brady will head on a trail and find a bandaged patient she’s been keeping. All arrows will point to the idea that he might be E.J.

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6. Sami Is Cleared

As the truth come out around Marlena’s shooting, Sami will be cleared of all charges. Does this mean that Hope will apologize to her niece? She may have to, as Sami being arrested was a huge legal mess. The Salem PD should have run some ballistic tests before jumping to that conclusion. Hope saying she is sorry might be a hard pill to swallow this week as she sees Sami and Rafe share a tender moment this week.

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5. Nicole Returns

Eric will find Nicole and the two will have a nice conversation until she drops some shocking news. It turns out she and Xander are married! DOOL spoilers hint that the two contemplate murdering Xander, as he clearly is up to no good. In fact, it will be revealed that Xander was actually trying to kill Eric during the Jarlena Wedding, and hit the wrong person.

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4. Eric And Nicole Reunion

Eric and Nicole will make love, but Days’ fans should refrain from celebrating this super couple’s reunion. DOOL spoilers have also indicated that Nicole Walker’s current return on the soap is a brief one. Disaster is looming ahead for Nicole and Eric. Here’s hoping these two can figure something out — they belong together.

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3. Lani Jealous

Lani will be hit with the jealousy bug this week, as she begins to notice that Eli is getting rather close to Sheila. Lani clearly disapproves; however, she only wanted to be friends with Eli, so who is she to give him relationship advice? Perhaps adding Sheila into this storyline mix will inspire Lani to take her relationship with Eli to the next step.

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2. Mimi’s Baby

Days’ fans will be in for quite the huge twist in this Bonnie/Lucas/baby storyline. It turns out that the baby is actually Mimi’s, and not Bonnie’s. In fact, fans will see the mother and daughter get into a huge argument regarding the whole scheme this week. Mimi will want to put an end to the madness, while Bonnie is hoping to buy some time.

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1. Sami Embarks On A New Adventure

Days’ spoilers state that Sami will bribe Stefan this week for a tip about where to find E.J. Sami can be relentless, so it will not be a shocker if she gets the information she wants. This will launch her into a new storyline where she goes on a mission to find E.J. DOOL spoilers indicate that this storyline will cross over with the Eric/Nicole reunion arc. Stay tuned Days’ fans, things are getting good in the land of Salem!

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