Days Of Our Lives: Spoilers For Winter 2020

Published on December 17, 2019.

The next few months in Salem should prove to be very interesting. Not only will the holidays offer some incredible drama in the land of Days of Our Lives (DOOL), the winter months following the new year will provide some interesting revelations. Learn more about what will happen to Jarlena, Ben, Ciara, Wilson, Kate, Stefano, Chad, Abby, and others in the DOOL winter spoilers for 2020.

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12. A Cin Christmas Miracle!

Before diving right into what winter 2020 will look like in Salem, DOOL spoilers for the Christmas season tease a nice moment for Ben and Ciara. Fans shouldn’t get too hopeful, he’ll most likely still be in prison; however, with the help of Marlena, it seems as if Ciara will be able to sneak behind Victor’s back to go visit her love on this very special day.

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11. Stefano Lives On The Edge

The annual storytime reading to the children of Salem Hospital will still take place this year (as it does every year), but with a little twist. Days’ previews indicate that “Stefano” will sneak into the event, and he may even get caught as Steve. With that said, it seems there is a possibility that he’ll play the role of Santa during the party as well. Perhaps this is what causes “Steve” to get caught in Salem?

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10. Marlena A Target?

DOOL spoilers for the holidays also reveal that this won’t be the only thing on Stefano’s agenda, as he’ll continue to pursue Marlena leading up to the season via more mysterious gifts. Will she fall victim to his ultimate plan, or will she be able to escape his mind games? Only time will tell, but he’s sure to continue these within the winter months of 2020.

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9. Lani’s Eye On Revenge

DOOL spoilers tease that in the coming weeks, Lani will plan to make a return to Salem. In fact, she’ll also have revenge on the mind, with her main target being Gabi. Seems as if Lani will do all she can in the new year to regain what she has lost, and bring Hernandez down for good.

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8. J&J’s Unexpected News

According to DOOL winter spoilers, Jack and Jennifer will finally find out about J.J.’s addiction issues in the coming weeks. They will obviously feel awful about this, and do all they can to help their son get clean. Could this mean that J.J. will have to seek rehab outside of the little town?

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7. Goodbye J.J.?

It seems as if J.J. Deveraux may head out of town in the new year. Whether he decides to leave his family behind because of his addiction, or he moves out of Salem (potentially, temporarily) for rehab, he may not be on DOOL screens for that much longer.

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6. Shawn Returns

For fans of Shawn-Douglas Brady, actor Brandon Beemer is set to reprise his Days role soon. Fans should expect to see Shawn back in Salem sometime in February 2020, so stay tuned. Could he be returning to provide an update on Claire? Perhaps there is an issue with his daughter that will bring him back to his hometown.

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5. Valentine’s To Remember

Fans won’t want to miss the Valentine’s Day episodes in 2020. Seems as if teasers are hinting that these show(s) will be ones to remember, so fans should gear up for plenty of romance, intrigue, and drama to unfold in the little town of Salem!

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4. Character Comeback

DOOL fans should note that there will be yet another interesting character return come the 2020 winter season. Performer and actress Tionne “T-BOZ” Watkins will reprise her DOOL character come March of the new year. What will Sheila be up to, and is she back to regain Abe’s heart? Fans will have to tune in to find out! 

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3. Update On DiMera Enterprises

Seems like a lot will be going on in the new year as it relates to DiMera Enterprises. While Chad and Gabi are currently engaged in a power struggle over the company, it looks as if the board of directors for the company will have a new look to it. Perhaps more DiMeras will come out of the woodwork to sit on the board in 2020. Or, some current members are removed. There’s a good possibility that a new chairman is appointed, which could open up an interesting new storyline.

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2. Baby News

DOOL spoilers tease some baby truths around the corner come the winter of 2020. After the time jump, fans were told that Baby Black passed away shortly after birth, so it seems there is a good chance there might be a baby switch storyline on the horizon. What if Sarah and Eric’s baby was the one that passed away, and someone (looking at you Xander) switched the child for Kristen and Brady’s infant? With Baby Mickey (and parents) out of town due to her cancer diagnosis, there’s a good chance that all this hits the fan in the coming winter weeks, after the holidays. Maybe that’s the real secret Xander and Victor are hiding right now.

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1. An Heir Stefano Can Be Proud Of

Spoilers indicate that Johnny DiMera just may pop up in Salem picture in the coming weeks or months, and he’ll prove to be a chip off his grandfather’s block. Could Johnny make a return to Salem in the winter, and potentially stay with grandparents Jarlena? Or is he too secretly talking to his grandfather, potentially helping out with any lingering schemes? Either way, he may have acquired the plotting DiMera gene. Mix that in with Sami’s scheming ways, and this kid could top anything Stefano (or Sami) have done in the past!

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