Days Of Our Lives: Spoilers For Winter 2021

Published on January 20, 2021.

Calling all Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! While some believe the winter months can be dull and cold, things are sure to get heated in the land of Salem! Ben and Claire will get a little closer while Sami’s arrival will be a quieter one than normal. Also, an unexpected return is on the horizon. Learn about these and other storylines in the DOOL spoilers for winter 2021.

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12. Ben and Claire

According to Days spoilers, Claire will be reeling from the truth about Charlie in the coming weeks and winter months. The only silver-lining will be that she’ll have a huge supporter in Ben. While teasers are hesitant to imply they’ll have a bona fide romance, there are hints that the two will develop a strong friendship. Could this lead to more? Time will tell.

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11. Sami’s “Quiet” Return

As DOOL fans anxiously await the return of Sami Brady, viewers may be stunned to find out that, while she’ll have an interesting storyline that brings her back to Salem, her comeback will be a quieter one than normal. Days teasers also suggest that she’ll show back up in the little town at the most inopportune moment.

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10. Lucas and Sami Romance

Actor Bryan Dattilo (Lucas Horton) is officially back on contract with DOOL, which means that Lucas could have a solid storyline heading into the winter months. Dattilo hit Twitter on January 1st with an interesting post where he wrote, “Sami and Lucas are soap royalty. Sami and E.J. are just a couple from the past.” Could we see Lucas and Sami reunite when Brady returns?

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9. Laura Horton’s Return

According to Days spoilers, actress Jaime Lyn Bauer is set to reprise her Dr. Laura Horton role in February. Could her return have something to do with the Gwen storyline? Laura Horton, Jennifer Horton’s mom, will come back for about six episodes, with appearances slated for February 2nd to the 4th and February 9th through to the 11th. DOOL teasers are hush-hush around what exactly will bring Laura back to Salem.

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8. Gwen Versus Abigail

Gwen’s secret will be revealed very soon, and DOOL fans will finally get the answers they are looking for when it comes to her intentions. Winter spoilers for the soap suggest that the animosity between Abigail and Gwen will continue to heighten, even after the “truth” about Gwen is comes out.

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7. Gabi Keeps Her Eye On The Prize

DOOL spoilers hint that Gabi won’t be above “playing a little dirty” to win Jake’s heart back this winter. As per added teasers, she’ll somehow get into business with Stefan’s twin, and not only work with him but also work on getting him back. She’ll do “whatever it takes.” Should Kate be worried?

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6. Rafe, Nicole … and Ava

Across town, something will be brewing between Rafe and Nicole this winter; however, DOOL spoilers imply that Ava will be tossed into the mix of things, too. While Nicole loves Eric, there does seem to be some sort of chemistry between her and Rafe. Meanwhile, added teasers reveal that Ava will need “protection” and it seems as if Rafe will come to her rescue on this.

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5. The Introduction of “Paulina”

Most Days fans are anxiously anticipating the arrival of actress Jackée Harry’s character, Paulina. DOOL spoilers reveal that the introduction to this character will coincide with Eli and Lani’s storyline. While the couple’s newborn twins have gone missing, added teasers hint this will be an “unfolding” mystery, so it seems as if there will be plenty of twists and turns along the way, and somewhere in between all that, Paulina will come into the picture.

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4. Vivian Alamain’s Arrival

Many Days fans are speculating that Vivian could be at the helm of the Elani twins’ kidnapping. After all, her manservant, Ivan, recently popped onscreen to take the two babies from Dr. Raynor. Could Viv be behind this all, due to her resentment towards Lani and how Stefan passed away? This is a possibility! Regardless, DOOL audiences should expect to see Alamain, who will be now played by legendary soap icon Linda Dano, on daytime screens soon.

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3. Are Kristen and Brady’s Days Numbered?

DOOL spoilers hint at some tension between Kristen and Brady in the winter months. After all, she’s locked up in prison, and he’s been spending a lot of time with Chloe. There could be many questions around whether or not Brady and Kristen can last the long haul come the next few months as winter turns to spring in Salem.

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2. Chloe Has Options

Days spoilers also hint that Chloe could have plenty of “options” when it comes to romance this winter. Not only could her ex, Brady, be a good fit, but then there’s her other ex, Philip. Could these three be on the verge of a love triangle? In many ways, it seems as if they may already be there.

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1. Xander and Sarah

DOOL spoilers reveal that Sarah and Xander are pretty solid. In fact, scheming together has almost brought them that much closer over the past few months. Could Xander do something to jeopardize the good thing he has going on with Sarah? She seems to have accepted him for who he is, so here’s hoping he doesn’t cross a line where he upsets her again.

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