Popular Days Of Our Lives Actresses Ranked

Published on July 24, 2019. Updated December 23, 2021

What would the land of Salem be without its leading ladies? The women of Days of Our Lives are fierce, smart, confident, sometimes a little manipulative, but can always hold their own. Below is a ranking list around some of the most popular DOOL actresses who play these amazing and larger-than-life characters on a daily basis.

12. Stacy Haiduk

While many fans have been used to seeing actress Eileen Davidson in the Susan Banks/Kristen DiMera role, Haiduk has done a stellar job of filling these huge shoes when she stepped into the role in 2018. Soap audiences may be familiar with Stacy’s work on The Young and the Restless when she portrayed Paul William’s mentally unstable sister Patty Williams from 2009 to 2016.

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11. Victoria Konefal

Konefal truly shook up the Ciara Brady character when she entered the role in 2017. As a staple in Salem now, Ciara is no longer the little girl some fans may remember her as, and her super couple relationship with Ben Weston continues to keep DOOL audiences on the edge of their seats and wanting more.

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10. Camila Banus

Gabi Hernandez is Salem’s resident bad girl, as a character most fans love to hate. But seriously, what would the little town be without all her scheming (and entertaining) antics? Banus hopped into the role in 2010, and was nominated for a Daytime Emmy in 2015 for her work on DOOL.

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9. Kate Mansi

On to the other end of the Salem spectrum, Abigail Deveraux knows all too well about Gabi’s schemes and has unfortunately been on the receiving end of her terrible actions. Kate joined the DOOL cast in 2011, and has been acknowledged for her efforts in the Abby role via two Daytime Emmy nods, and a statue win in 2017.

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8. Melissa Reeves

Abigail is a decent human being, for the most part (this the land of soaps we are talking about), and this could have to do with the amazing role model she had growing up. Playing Salem’s girl next door role (to a “T”) for decades now, actress Melissa Reeves jumped into the land of Salem in 1985, and continues to delight DOOL audiences with her portrayal of Jennifer Horton, a woman who leads with kindness but is also fierce in her mortals and stands behind what she believes in.

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7. Judi Evans

A soap opera veteran, Evans not only has had a long history with DOOL playing Adrienne Johnson (joining the show in 1986), she’s also appeared on other daytime dramas, like Guiding Light, Another World, and As the World Turns. Evans has also received two Daytime Emmy nominations over the years, and won the award in 1984 for her work on GL.

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6. Arianne Zucker

Once a bad girl in Salem, Nicole Walker has more than redeemed herself over the years. Zucker joined DOOL in 1998, and her character has enjoyed a crazy rollercoaster ride in Salem, with a plethora of adventures, romance, and a ton of schemes. Over the years on the show, Arianne has earned three Daytime Emmy nods.

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5. Alison Sweeney

There are two types of DOOL fans: those who love Sami Brady, and those who can’t stand her! Regardless, audiences can all agree that Sami does make Salem a lot more interesting when she pops in. Viewers have watched Alison grow over the years from an awkward teenager, into a schemer, and also a lovely mother and wife. While we don’t get to see Sweeney that often, it is certainly a special treat when she does swing back into town.

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4. Lauren Koslow

One who may not “love it” when Sami drops in is her former mother-in-law, Kate Roberts. Actress Lauren Koslow entered the role in 1996, and turned an abused and vulnerable mother of three into a powerhouse businesswoman who refuses to put up with anyone’s crap! While Kate isn’t the sweetest lady in Salem, she is one that is highly respected when all is said and done.

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3. Kristian Alfonso

Playing Hope Brady on Days since 1983, actress Kristian Alfonso has done it all in the world of television. She’s nailed daytime drama, dabbled in primetime on shows like Full House, Melrose Place, Baywatch, and more, and was also a fashion model and even figure skater at one point. Is there anything Alfonso can’t do?

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2. Mary Beth Evans

Mary Beth Evans has been playing Kayla Brady for over three decades now, and not only continues to be one of the most popular actresses on the show, but also one-half of a fan favorite super couple (along with Steve Johnson). What’s the secret to her character’s longevity? It seems to be incredible acting, paired with amazing storylines.

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1. Deidre Hall

What would the land of Salem be without Marlena Evans? She is everyone’s conscience with things get tough, she’s the person people turn to when they need advice, and Evan’s also has a roster of clients that can thank her for keeping them sane! Marlena has been possessed by the Devil, she’s come back to life, been brainwashed, had amnesia, and was a surrogate for genetically engineered babies! Actress Deidre Hall has been through it all in the land of Salem, and has built an incredible fan following over the years for her flawless portrayal of a character many affectionately refer to as simply as “Doc.”

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