10 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (July 2)

Published on July 3, 2018.

What should Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans expect the week of Independence Day festivities? Tons of explosive showdowns, dramatic fireworks, and a shocking cover-up. Learn more about what will go down in the land of Salem the next five days by checking out the DOOL spoilers for the week of July 2nd.

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10. Leo’s Shocking Secret

First and foremost, Leo and Will have a major confrontation this week. Will finds out that Leo has been keeping a ton of secrets from Sonny and the two will end up in a big, physical confrontation. It turns out that Leo has a long criminal record and that he’s a prostitute.

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9. Sonny Saves The Day

Well, somewhat. During Will’s confrontation with Leo, he’ll sneak up behind the two and pull Leo off Will; however, this will have some big consequences. As Sonny does so, Leo will accidentally stumble a bit, hitting his head on a mantle. In the end, Leo will end up dead because of the accident, leaving Will and Sonny shocked.

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8. The Cover Up

What do the two former lovers do once they get over the initial shock of Leo’s (accidental) death? Sonny decides the best thing to do is cover it all up. DOOL spoilers say that WilSon will roll Leo’s dead body in a rug and try to make it seem like he passed away in a car accident. Sounds all neat and tidy, right? Wrong! If any past soap cover-ups have proved anything, it’s that nothing stays covered up long in the land of daytime drama – especially a death!

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7. A Chat About Nicole

Eric and Chloe sit down to have a talk and they chat about Nicole Walker. Clearly, DOOL is trying to keep Walker’s name lingering around the soap as she is gearing up for her big return to Salem, which is on the horizon. What will bring Nicole Walker back to Days? Only time will tell …

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6. The Custody Hearing

Lawyer Ted won’t hold anything back this week; in fact, Brady will take a serious blow. He and Eve will be placed into a corner when it comes to admitting to some things about Deimos’ death. As some may recall, Brady had the amulet and attempted to set Eve up, which will now make him look very guilty.

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5. A Theresa Victory?

Seems so, based on the above DOOL spoiler; however, Brady will inevitably fight back. He’s been the one raising Tate while Theresa was away and there is no way that he’ll back down on this custody hearing without a solid fight. Brady may be down, but he certainly is not out.

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4. Claire Falling For Tripp

As the hunt continues for Ciara, Claire’s feelings will continue to grow for Tripp. In fact, she tries to kiss him this week. DOOL spoilers hint that Tripp isn’t ready to give up on what he has with Ciara just yet, and while Claire tries to get some kissing in, he’ll back away from the liplock.

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3. Meanwhile, Back At The Cabin

Expect some high drama this week at the cabin as Ben will lose it when he runs out of his meds. Whether caring for Ciara has him forgetting about the fact that he is low, or he simply doesn’t want to leave her, Ben will have no proper medication for his mental health condition and lose it. Ciara will try to talk Ben down during his episode, with a weapon clutched tightly in her hand.

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2. Hope Visits Clyde

Meanwhile, a desperate Hope will go and see Clyde in prison. With Rafe along by her side, Clyde will be up to his typical games, which will be hard for Hope to handle. The two will visit Clyde in hopes that he’ll reveal something about Ben’s whereabouts so that they can find Ciara as well. At this point, Hope is desperate.

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1. More Spoilers!

Gabi’s interest is peaked when she spies on a conversation between Stephan and Kate while Abigail goes through with her plan to figure out who her baby’s daddy is. DOOL spoilers also indicate that Kayla will turn to Marlena this week to tell her about the current deal she has with Stephan DiMera.

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