Days Of Our Lives Characters Fans Are Desperate To See Make A Comeback

Published on July 7, 2020.

As the old saying goes, “The comeback is always stronger than the setback.” The land of Salem can sometimes feel like a revolving door, where characters leave for a bit, only to return with a bang! As such, below are some Days of Our Lives (DOOL) characters fans are desperate to see make a comeback.

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13. Teresa Donovan

She’s got real roots in the land of Salem and has always been a huge favorite among fans of Days. The best part of Teresa (potentially) returning to the little town means that Tate Black would come in tow, and this could complicate things for Brady. The drama would certainly unfold to great lengths if Teresa made a comeback!

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12. Kimberly Brady

With Roman and Kayla still in the little town, it would be great for Kimberly to return and reunite the Brady siblings once again. As one of the most legendary characters in soap’s past, Kim can help usher in some more of the great Days’ nostalgia older fans like by bringing her history into the storylines for newer audiences to fall in love with.

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11. Cassie Brady

Fans have been privy to a Rex Brady comeback, why not his twin Cassie? Where exactly is she, and what has she been up to? She struggled to find love the last time she was in Salem, as she was pretty much related to most of the handsome bachelors that occupied the little town, but things have changed so much over the years, and mom Kate Roberts would be over the moon to have her back.

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10. Billie Reed

Last fans saw Billie Reed, she was helping John Black get out of a sticky spy situation; however, many viewers were disappointed she only returned to Salem for a short stint. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see her return on a full-time scale? She truly would make the little town that much more interesting with her presence!

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9. Frankie Brady

While Jenn and Jack are settled and back in each other’s arms, wouldn’t it be interesting to see Frankie Brady roll back in town? Whether he tries to vie for Jennifer’s affections or not, Frankie could easily slip back into storylines, and potentially find a new love interest. He was once a huge fan favorite on the soap.

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8. Max Brady

Speaking of Frankie, his little brother Max was once an integral part of Salem’s scene. Sadly, poor Max didn’t have many options when it came to romance and seemingly dated members of his own adoptive family. Things have changed a lot in the little town since then, so perhaps if he returned, he could find a new love interest that didn’t have the Brady last name.

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7. April Ramirez

Now there’s a name that may have newer DOOL fans scratching their heads. April was a huge Days’ character in the late 1980s, early 1990s who dominated screen time in Salem. She hit massive super couple status with Mike Horton and even dated Nick Corelli. April left town in 1991, never to be seen or heard from again, but there are fans out there that wished she’d make a big return.

6. Mike Horton

If Days decides to bring April back, why not bring Mike Horton back too? As part of the Horton family, it would be easy to place him back in DOOL storylines. With Mike Horton being the most recast character in Days’ history, the show has a plethora of options when it comes to approaching actors. In all seriousness, many fans simply miss Horton; after all, he graced daytime screens for over three decades before he was plucked from storylines.

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5. Arianna Hernandez

Sister to Rafe, Gabi and Dario, Arianna Hernandez had a short stay in Salem but created a lasting impact. She entered DOOL in the summer of 2009 and, by the following year, she was tragically killed in a car accident. Regardless of this, she connected well with the fans and had an incredible romance with Brady Black. While the chances of her returning are slim because of how she passed away, some fans still miss her and wish there was a way to bring her back.

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4. E.J. DiMera

When Kristen DiMera revealed that E.J. was alive and well in late 2017, many DOOL fans rejoiced. This certainly opens up a huge door for a DiMera return and, with so much happening with that family right now, E.J. could certainly stir things up tremendously if he came back to the show. Could you imagine the look on Stefan’s face when he realizes E.J.’s alive? It would be priceless! Here’s hoping that is a possibility in the near future.

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3. Melissa Horton

DOOL fans do love the Hortons, and another familiar face from the past to hit this list is Melissa Horton, an extremely popular character in the 1980s and 1990s. She had some incredible love affairs with Pete Jennings, Jack Deveraux, and Emilio Ramirez, and bonded closely with cousins Hope and Jennifer. Melissa was last seen on Days in 2010 when she came back to town for Mickey’s funeral.

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2. Chelsea Brady

Whatever happened to Bo and Billie’s daughter, Chelsea? Well, she ended up moving to London to be closer to her mom, but DOOL fans have heard little more about this spitfire since. She had an explosive start when she strolled into Salem and, while she was a bit of bad girl at first, it turned out that she had quite the heart of gold. Many Days’ fans miss her spunk. Maybe it’s time for a big return?

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1. Bo Brady

Speaking of Bo, considering how he passed away in November 2015, it would be very hard to bring him back to Salem; however, this does not mean that fans can’t hope, wish, and pray that there is some sort of chance that he could return? Hey, if Will Horton can make a comeback, why not Bo?

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