13 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (July 9)

Published on July 9, 2018.

False accusations, shocking revelations, crushing health news, and steamy love scenes are all on the agenda this week in the land of Salem. Learn more about Ciara, Ben, Abby, Gabi, Chad, Ted, Kate, and more in the Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for the week of July 9th.

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13. Ciara Trapped

DOOL spoilers indicate that Ciara’s life will be in danger this week, as she finds herself trapped in a fire. Unfortunately, it won’t be long before she passes out thanks to all the smoke, and there will some scary moments for both Ciara and Days’ fans as the clock ticks for someone to rescue the young and beautiful Brady.

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12. Rafe To The Rescue

Thankfully Rafe does find Ciara before anything massively tragic happens, and he pulls the young girl to safety. Ciara will then be rushed to the hospital. From the looks of it, DOOL spoilers indicate Ciara will be okay when all is said and done; however, Ben will face a blaze of his own this week.

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11. Ben’s In Trouble

DOOL spoilers indicate that Ben will be accused and arrested around the fire, even though he’ll deny setting it. In fact, Ciara will leave the hospital, sneak out, and confront Ben on the entire situation. She’ll as him point blank if he started it and Ben will say he didn’t. Days spoilers tease that Ciara will believe him, so here’s hoping her mom Hope does too.

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10. Leaning Towards Tripp Or Ben

It’s undeniable that Ben and Ciara have gotten quite close recently at the cabin, and Ciara does try and convince Hope that Ben had nothing to do with the fire that almost took her life. While there are sparks between her and Ben, there will also be sparks between her and Tripp this week. DOOL spoilers tease a moment where a shirtless Tripp apologizes to Ciara, begging for her to trust him again. Will these two take their relationship to the next level? DOOL promos also reveal a warm moment between Ciara and Ben this week, with the two leaning in closer and closer … will they kiss? Seems like we are headed towards a Tripp/Ciara/Ben love triangle storyline!

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9. Throwing Nicole Under The Bus

Eve suggests something a little shocking to Brady this week in regard to Tate’s custody hearing. After he confesses that Nicole Walker was the one who killed Deimos, Eve tells him to throw her under the bus and let the court know that she was the murderer. She wants Brady to clear his name and believes that he could lose Tate if he doesn’t do so.

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8. Eve Goes One Step Further

After she suggests revealing Nicole as the real killer in the Deimos Kiriakis case, and Brady refuses to do so, Eve will reach out to Victor around a deal. DOOL spoilers do hint that Brady will gain the upper hand when it comes to the hearing this week. Will Eve get Victor to testify about Nicole or is she plotting something else? You’ll have to tune in to see. Regardless, Theresa will not be pleased about what Eve is up to.

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7. J.J. and Theresa

Is there even a ‘J.J. and Theresa’ right now to talk about? The two definitely have a thing going on, despite the fact that she’d drop him like a bad habit in an instant if Brady came calling on her. Regardless, J.J. does declare something quite big at the hearing this week. He places a lot on the line for Theresa, and DOOL spoilers also tease that these two will feel some sexual tension in the next five days.

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6. Gabi Receives Crushing News

A medical emergency this week will have Gabi rushed to the hospital, with Maggie by her side. Kayla will check Gabi out, and DOOL spoilers indicate that she’ll get some devastating news this week. It seems that Gabi will learn she can’t have any more children. Keep those tissues close as DOOL spoilers hint there are some emotional scenes headed for Gabi this week.

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5. Abigail’s Paternity Results

Speaking of kids, Abby gets her paternity results in this week. It’s clear she won’t question them; however, as most soap opera fans know, she probably should! Paternity results being switched is the new norm, and it’s clear that this storyline with Abigail, Chad, and Stefan is headed in that direction. Here’s hoping it doesn’t take too long for the truth to be revealed.

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4. Kate and Ted Make Love

DOOL spoilers indicate that Ted and Kate will take their relationship to the next level this week and the scenes promise to be quite steamy! It seems like their urges will get the better of them, and DOOL’s weekly promo reveals that Kate will take charge by telling her new beau to take his shirt off! Yikes! Things will get pretty interesting between these two and it is something most Days’ fans won’t want to miss!

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3. Jeneric Gets Flirty

Jenn and Eric get a little crazy this week too! Jenn will spot Eric at the pub and tell him just how good-looking he is. Eric will then flash her a smile and shower her with some compliments too. For fans of Jeneric, it’ll be nice to see the two gets some solid scenes on Days this week. They seem happy, so you know something is on the horizon to shake this all up.

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2. Couples Watch

DOOL spoilers tease that there are some couples (and steamy scenes) to watch for this week, including Marlena and John cuddling in bed with strawberries; Eve and Brady getting closer; Abby and Chad having a moment between the sheets; as well as super couple Kayla and Steve sharing a tender kiss.

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1. Sonny and Will Plot

Speaking of couple watch, there is definitely something going on between Will and Sonny, and many are wondering if we will see a WilSon reunion soon! Well, the duo’s plan hits a crazy snag early on in the week, and as the days progress (no pun intended), the two will become desperate to find out what has become of Leo.

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