5 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (August 28)

Published on August 28, 2017.

As the summer winds down in Salem, things continue to heat up in the small town. Lucas wakes up to a nightmare; John and Marlena try to escape Bayview; and Nicole gets some bad news. Read about these stories and more in the Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for the week of August 28th.

5. Lucas Deals With A Cover Up

With Anjelica’s sudden death, Bonnie and Hattie decide to pass this mess onto Lucas to deal with. They dress the dead body in a sexy outfit and place her next to Lucas, who also happens to be passed out. Bonnie and Hattie take off, and then Lucas wakes up and is appalled. DOOL spoilers indicate that Lucas will immediately reach out to Chloe for help.

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4. #Free Abe

The plot to ‘free Abe Carver’ will continue. Eli will continue his plan to bring Commissioner Raines down. Rafe and Hope will dive into the action as well. DOOL spoilers indicate that Lani and JJ could place everything at risk. As they don’t entirely know what is going on, they could cause some problems. Eli will struggle this week to keep everything on track.

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3. John And Marlena Plot

Marlena and John desperately try and think of a way to get back to Salem. They try and brainstorm a plot to escape Bayview. Still, it’s going to be hard — seems that the staff there is keeping a good watch over the two. The good new is Paul will notice something is out of sorts when John has seemingly disappeared suddenly. DOOL spoilers tease that Paul will look for information and Hattie will have a difficult time keeping him at bay.

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2. Bad New For Nicole

Nicole will recieve some bad news this week at Holly’s custody hearing. With the judge previously aligned with Deimos, Nicole will get the feeling he is still loyal to the Greek, despite Deimos’ demise. Nicole will worry, but spoilers indicate that Brady will come to the rescue. He knows how much she loves Holly and that the baby should be by her mother’s side. He’ll work it to ensure this happens.

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1. Double Wedding Time!

Nice to see some good DOOL news for a change! Chabby (Chad and Abigail) and PaulSon (Paul and Sonny) will be making arrangements for their double wedding. They will agree to this fun concept as this week progresses. While these four are happily in love and headed to the alter, Gabi won’t be doing so well. There is danger around the corner for her come Friday.

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