5 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (December 12)

Published on December 12, 2016.

As Salem heads in to the holiday season, the little town and its residents are busy getting ready for the festivities … and dealing with a little drama along the way. Learn more about Chad, Abigail, Kayla, Steve, Philip, Deimos, Chloe, and others, in the Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for the week of December 12.

5. Chabby Reunion?

Not this week, Chabby fans! Abigail will face a ton of issues as she tries to explain why she has been hiding from the love of her life. While most would think these two would hook up as soon as Abby rolled back into to town, DOOL spoilers indicate otherwise. Meanwhile, Andre offers updates to his little brother when it comes to Chad’s technology project. Thanks to Dario and Eduardo, some issues are arising around this.

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4. The Truth Comes Out

Thanks to a truth serum that Deimos gives Philip, he ends up telling him some vital information. The good news is Philip won’t go into the entire story, but enough to get Deimos guessing about things. Brady will also jump into the equation soon and help put two and two together. The bad news is Chloe is in store for some more drama coming at her soon.

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3. Derrick Is On To Something

Derrick notices chemistry between Sonny and Paul this week. The two have gotten closer lately and Derrick comes out and questions Paul on his feelings for Sonny. No spoilers on how Paul reacts to this question; however, they do indicate that the two exes share a moment (and almost lock lips) when they are both under the mistletoe. ‘Tis the season to fall in love, again and again. Speaking of Steve surprises Kayla this week with a Christmas gift before the holidays officially hit.

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2. Teen Love Triangle Will Emerge

Theo begins to wonder if Ciara is in love with him this week – and it turns out she certainly is. While she doesn’t want to make trouble for him and Claire, she does get jealous when she sees these two kissing. As such, this causes her to make some pretty crazy moves this week.

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1. Hope’s In Danger

Sheila and Coco seem to be planning something terrible for Hope this week. They’ve always hated her, but she now has a target on her back as Deimos is paying Chille to keep an eye on her. Coco and Sheila come up with a plan to destroy Hope. Alas, there may be a silver lining for her this week and she also becomes friends with a prison guard. Roman visits Hattie this week as well, and she will get a little nervous around the man she is crushing on. A visit from Roman is a huge deal for her.

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