5 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (February 6)

Published on February 6, 2017.

Anyone in the mood for some drama? If the answer is ‘yes’, then you’ll have to tune into Days of Our Lives (DOOL) this week. Brady and Chloe clash over where Baby Holly truly belongs; Abigail panics; Gabi throws her true feelings to Chad; and the Salem crew final snags Stefano in Prague … well, sort of. Learn more about these and other stories in the DOOL spoilers for the week of February 6th.

5. Brady and Chloe Clash

The custody over Baby Holly continues! Chloe can’t be convinced to hand the child over to its rightful mother and Deimos trying to reconcile with Nicole won’t help the situation. But does it matter? Chloe seems to be bonding with the baby and is willing to fight to gain custody of the child. DOOL spoilers indicate that Brady will step in and try to convince his ex that Holly belongs with Nicole, this week. Chloe lashes out at him, feeling that he tends to always side with Nicole. In an interesting turn of events, it seems that Chloe will have an ally in all of this soon as Shawn will want to stand by Chloe in her pursuit.

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4. Abigail Panics

Abigail will lose her mind this week over the abduction of Chad and Gabi. She believes she must find them both, as soon as possible. She turns to Dario and lets him know how she feels about the situation. As such, spoilers indicate that he will try and help Abigail find them.

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3. Enemies Unit

Deimos’ ruthless behavior seems to be bringing his enemies that much closer together. This week, Kate, Eduardo, and Andre will come together to devise a plan. Speaking of plans, our heroes and heroines in Prague continue to try and locate Stefano and it seems they will find him. Good news is, they get the proof they need to help Hope, but the bad news is he disappears once again. Typical Stefano!

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2. Love Is In The Air

It is almost Valentine’s Day, after all! While in Prague, Sonny and Paul find some time to themselves (once Stefano is found) and will share a romantic moment. In other news, Gabi reveals her feelings for Chad while the two are held up in captivity. Chad gets hurt and Gabi opens the flood gates to her feelings.

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1. Hope Versus Lt. Raines

Before her friends can come back from Prague with the evidence proving Stefano is alive, Lt. Raines will find Hope, briefly that is. He will have her cornered, but Hope is great at getting out of tight situations and she’ll escape. The good news is she gets away. However, this just makes Raines even more mad. While Rafe does provide new evidence to Raines this week, it will be hard for him to let go of his search until all charges are dropped against Hope.

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