5 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (January 2)

Published on January 2, 2017.

It’s a brand-new year in Salem, as Days of Our Lives (DOOL) kicks of 2017 with a bang this week! Nancy continues to try and hide the Baby Holly secret, a couple mourns a loss, and while there may be some good news for Hope this week, danger also looms in the prison walls. Learn more about these DOOL stories, and others, in the spoilers for the week of January 2nd.

5. Lani Causes Trouble

We all know Gabi was witness to Lani flashing a picture of she and J.J. in bed. Gabi was floored, but this week J.J. will try his best to talk it through with her. J.J. still does not remember his night with Lani, despite the fact that she does. Gabi insists that this is something the couple can’t get over and she will stand by the fact that the two should break up.

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4. Nancy Works Hard To Keep Holly’s Identity Quiet

Nicole is going to have a hard week. Nancy seems stuck on the idea of keeping Holly’s true identity hush-hush. Nancy will insist that Nicole seeing the baby could put this entire plan in jeopardy and will refuse the idea. Nicole will be quite upset when Nancy does not allow her to see the baby. Meanwhile, Nicole isn’t the only one disappointed. Deimos and Brady will be down when they see the results of the DNA tests. Thanks to Nancy and her handiwork, the tests show zero connection between Nicole and the baby.

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3. Jade’s Miscarriage

Jade and Joey deal with their miscarriage, mourning the loss of their baby this week. Joey immediately turns to his parents, while Kayla is able to give him some solid advice. She insists that all they both need is just some time to heal and things will get better as the days go by. Here’s to hoping these two can pick up the pieces of their young lives and move on.

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2. Ciara/Claire/Theo Love Triangle

Ciara and Theo share an intense one-on-one this week as Claire watches them close by. Claire isn’t too happy with the bond these two share, and their ‘talk’ will bring out some jealousy on her part. Claire has turned a bit snobby as of late, and it won’t let up as this storyline continues; in fact, spoilers indicate it will only heighten. Meanwhile Ciara bumps into Abigail as well this week. The conversation is a bit awkward at best. Theo and Valerie will come face to face over the bug in her purse.

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1. Danger In Hope’s Future?

Rafe gears up for his Prague trip this week. He coordinates as such with Marlena, Paul, and Steve. Before he leaves, he visits Hope to give her the news about Stefano and his faked death scenario. Hope seems encouraged by the situation, but is dealing with other things in prison. Spoilers tease that she may face danger while locked up in jail.

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