5 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (January 30)

Published on January 30, 2017.

Calling all Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! Who’s ready for another intense week in the land of Salem? Learn more about what will happen to Jennifer, Valerie, Deimos, Nicole, Chloe, Chad, and so much more, in the spoilers for the week of January 30th!

5. Jennifer Takes Center Stage

It seems Jennifer will be involved in a whole lot of storylines this week. First and foremost, Valerie will reveal something to her and spoilers indicate it might be around her son Eli’s paternity. Jennifer will also get involved in the escalating war going on between the Hernandez, Kiriakis, and DiMera families. She’ll do some digging this week at the docks and be shocked by what she finds.

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4. Deimos Seeks Revenge

No shocker here. Deimos embarks on a mission of revenge this week for his rivals. Dario will most likely be on the top of Deimos’ revenge list, considering he ordered a hit on his life. Spoilers indicate that Dario will be attacked by some thugs hired by Deimos, but he won’t be the only one to feel Kiriakis’ wrath; Chad, Andre, and Gabi also feel some heat from this three-family war going on in Salem at the hands of Deimos as well.

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3. Nicole Versus Chloe

Once BFFs now mortal enemies, this feud between mommies Nicole and Chloe will continue to escalate this week. Nicole will be furious when she sees Chloe breast-feeding Holly and will not be quiet about it. In fact, spoilers indicate that things will get so bad between the two ladies, that they may engage in a physical fight very soon. Belle will not agree with Chloe’s actions and will start to feel that everything she does is simply ruining her chances at gaining full custody of Holly.

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2. Eric Leaves Hope … Again

Eric will need to leave Hope this week to grab more meds to keep her alive. Out on this excursion he’ll bump into Jennifer, who is shocked to see him and learn of his release. Jennifer agrees to keep hush-hush about seeing Eric and when he heads back to the farm house he realizes that Hope’s hallucinations have led her away. He does end up finding her in the end, but the situation gets stressful.

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1. Mean in Prague

The search for Stefano continues! However, now it seems that the group has come up with a new plan this week. Rafe believes a masquerade ball will bring Stefano out of hiding. To snag an exclusive invite to the party, Paul reaches out to Sonny. Kiriakis heads out to Prague to join the group and help out with the pending mission. Here’s hoping they can find something to save their friend Hope, and that they find it soon.

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