5 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (June 13)

Published on June 13, 2016.

Things continue to heat up the world of daytime drama, and Days of Our Lives (DOOL) is no exception to this! Learn more about Aiden, Hope, Rafe, Gabi, Chad, and many more of your favorite DOOL characters in this week’s spoilers for June 13th.

5. Hope’s Love Life

Hope comes to the decision that she must break up with Rafe so that she can follow things through with Aiden. It might not be the right choice, but unless she gives it another chance she won’t be able to ever move forward. She goes on a romantic dinner with Aiden, but things are never that simple in the land of soaps, so it turns out Aiden is not the ‘good guy’ she thinks he is. He teamed up with Kate to fake a marriage license and convince the cops she was married to Deimos.


4. Kate’s Plan

Kate is making progress with her plan to frame Nicole for the death of Deimos. Roman made her stay in Salem so that she could be arrested, but it never happens. Nicole does her best to protect herself and pleads her case to Rafe while Victor and Kate form an alliance. Nicole and Dario make an attempt to collect evidence against Kate, but it all gets ruined by Victor.


3. What Happened to Deimos?

The last thing we see is an injured Deimos stumbling across a mechanic and asking to use his cell phone to call Chloe. Viewers found out that it was in fact Kate who pushed Deimos into the river and not Nicole. Chloe helps Deimos with his injuries, but he isn’t entirely welcomed by her. Meanwhile back home, Victor is secretly celebrating his brother’s ill fate (or his presumed death).


2. Chad Ruses to Abigail’s Side

Chad and Marlena rush to Shady Hills after they receive word that she was injured in a fire at the facility. Chad will go see her after she gets out of surgery and gets some unsettling news. Abigail tells Chad that she saw Ben again and he isn’t sure how to react. It’s clear Abigail’s mental stability is getting worse, but Chad learns some curious news about how the fire started. Abigail believes it was Ben, but Shawn-Douglas knows the truth. Chad will confront him for answers, but he’s not ready for the truth.

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1. More Spoilers!

Steve and Kayla come to the rescue in a hostage situation when they find Dirk holding Joey, Jade and her aunt Simone at gun point. Joey ends up needing surgery, so Steve and Kayla rush to the hospital. Belle and Shawn go on a date that could be the end all for their future and Summer confides in Maggie that her feelings for Brady are still strong. Theresa will pressure Brady to make the wedding happen sooner. Chad will apologize to Ciara for his drunken behavior, as she struggles with her feelings for him. Also, JJ will helps move her belongings into the Horton house.

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