5 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (November 9)

Published on November 9, 2015. Updated December 1, 2015

Sadly, someone dies this week on Days of Our Lives (DOOL), but fans won’t be heartbroken when they find out who it is. More on Bo, Hope, Abigail, and other Salem residents in the DOOL spoilers for the week of November 9th, below:

5. Bo Comes To The Rescue!

As Bo attempts to stop Aiden’s plan to kill Hope, an intense fight leads to a death. However, fans will be happy to know, that it is Aiden who loses the battle and his life, when all is said done.

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4. Hope Struggles

Hope learns the real reason why Bo has been gone all these years. Will she forgive and forget, so that they can move forward? She struggles with her recent decisions around Aiden, and pushes family and friends away (including Jennifer). As Hope is finding it hard to deal with her current situation, Chase and Ciara also are having a difficult time with what has happened, ultimately causing conflict for the both of them.

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3. Ben and Abigail

While holding her captive, Ben confronts Abigail on having an affair with Chad. He then lashes out on his pregnant finance. Chad begins to worry about Abigail, noticing her sudden disappearance. He turns to Rafe for help. Can the two save Abigail before it is too late?

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2. New DOOL Character

Flynn, a new DOOL character, who is a friend of Daniel Jonas, emerges on the Days scene. Nicole is instantly drawn to his good looks and charm.

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1. More Spoilers!

Sami shares news from Switzerland with John and Marlena that could help bury the DiMera family. An ISA agent visits John with some surprising intel information. Later, Brady tries to make sense of his feelings for Teresa as she pushes for answers from him. Steve surprises Kayla with a confession. The two promise to stand united, to protect their family. He also can’t shake the feeling that there is an old enemy from his past that tried to poison Joey, and he’s ready to face them.

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