5 Days of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (October 23)

Published on October 23, 2017.

The drama never stops in Salem! Sami causes chaos this week, but it gets answers as Eric and Brady face off, Bonnie is exposed, and an old character returns! Learn about these storylines and more in the Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for the week of October 23.

5. Sami Crosses The Line

Sounds like classic Sami comes out this week! Frustrated and wanting the truth, Sami grabs Hope’s gun and aims it at Dr. Rolf in an attempt to get some information about her son’s death. She wants to know if Will’s really alive. Turns out the stunt will work and Rolf will tell Sami that he revived Will while in the morgue.

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4. Not Stefano?

Rolf relays that he was just following orders, so Sami comes to the natural conclusion that Stefano was behind all this. It turns out that Rolf tells her it wasn’t DiMera. Rolfe will commit suicide via a cyanide pill and Hope ends up arresting Sami. JJ and Lani get information on Rolf’s confession and they keep investigating.

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3. Brothers Face Off

Eric and Brady will have a confrontation about Nicole this week. Eric will question Brady on what made Nicole leave town. The two will have a heated discussion where Brady will call Nicole some terrible names and this will set Eric off. Refusing to let Brady talk about Nicole in that tone, Eric will punch him. This entire situation gets quite ugly.

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2. Bonnie Exposed

Thanks to Steve, Bonnie’s ruse will be exposed this week. He’ll push her to tell everyone the truth about posing as Adrienne. This causes Bonnie to try and make a run for it; however, Sheila will be right behind her. She stops Bonnie and demands the money that was promised to her.

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1. The Sheila Factor

When stopped, Bonnie tries to organize a deal. Sheila will end up agreeing to whatever Bonnie tells her. DOOL spoilers indicate that Sheila will reach out to Eli. He did make things hard for her back in the day and he may believe he owes her one now. Meanwhile, Steve, Kayla, and Justin try to help Adrienne get out of Statesville. Lastly, Brady and Victor are shocked when Eve Donovan returns to town and pays them a visit.

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