5 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (September 18)

Published on September 18, 2017.

A lot happening in Salem this week, Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! Gabi worries; Abe looks for a new commissioner; Eric decides to leave town; and Sonny can’t get Will out of his head! Learn about these stories and more in the Days‘ spoilers for the week of September 18th.

5. Gabi Worries

Who could blame her? This week Gabi stresses about Salem’s big double wedding. She likes the idea of seeing Paul and Sonny say their ‘I dos,’ but isn’t too thrilled about having to witness the holy union of Chabby. DOOL spoilers indicate that Abigail will understand how hard it’ll be for Gabi and the two have a talk which helps ease things in the end.

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4. The New Commissioner

Abe starts the search for Salem’s new police commissioner and he wants someone a little more trustworthy than Raines this time. Abe thinks of Roman immediately, but Brady is enjoying the simple life of a bartender right now. There is Rafe and Hope who are competing against each other for the job. Things should get interesting.

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3. New Rivalry?

Julie and Chloe will embark on a rivalry when they both realize they want the same thing. A disagreement will spark up between them. Still that’s not the only trouble Chloe will spark up this week. While talking to Brady, Chloe will accidentally reveal that Eric still cares for Nicole.

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2. Brady Loses It

Days’ spoilers indicate that Brady will lose it when he hears of this news. He’ll find Eric and asks him to fire Nicole from the Horton Center ASAP. Eric has such mixed feelings about the entire situation and doesn’t want to be the root of Brady and Nicole’s problems. Therefore, instead of firing Nicole he decides to leave town.

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1. Visions Of Will

Lucas is sent to the hospital after he thinks he sees his son Will. His family and friends put on an intervention, but this will only end in failure. Lucas isn’t the only one seeing Will. Sonny will have a dream that makes him wonder about his upcoming wedding to Paul. He can’t shake Will from his head right now. Will Paul and Sonny make it to the alter after all?

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